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Nintendo: *Announces Smash Bros, South Park, Crash Bandicoot and the Splatoon 2 expansion pack*

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I'm sorry... but I hate Ajit Pai so much and I had to post this quote from The Nostalgia Critic
Oh hey, I have made a Discord server for all of you to join so... here you go

So have fun
Yeah sorry for being dead for all of a sudden all because of school

I'll promise to post art as usual

And also BTW my birthday is next week just to let you all know
It is SlackerArtist#3995

Add me if you want
So a few days ago on the Splatoon Amino, I did a little vote if I should do GMOD art.

and for the most votes that I have gotten are pretty solid (I picked WOOMY as a vote), so now I am doing GMOD related art, but this will be for Splatoon alot (well... sometimes), but I can mix GMOD with digital art as well.

So yay
Don't judge me and my new waifu

And BTW I'm finally getting a Switch with Splatoon 2 on July 21st

Expect a friend code on that day
I'm going to be getting a Switch next month, so expect a friend code soon
I wish it would've been line bases (without it being full colored or anything at all)
So recently I have gotten art block so I couldn't draw anything or get ideas on what to do with anything like

So I'll be back eather the end of June or July
On my wiki, everything you see there is all made up/fake (Also I might use my pages as ideas for stuff I make)!