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It’s too unromantic…



She blinked as her eyes gazed up at the sky.

Her hands clenched the grass, green under her nails.

She crossed her legs and the moon stared down on her.

“What the hell are you looking at, idiot?”

She stared.

She didn’t care how he would look at her, no matter where he was, except one way.


“Shut up.” she yelled to the sky. Other students walking by stared as the girl continued to talk to the moon by herself. Some even thought it was pitiful. She thought differently.

“I miss you, stupid!”

She stood up and yelled the words, her bare foot stomping against the ground. She gained more attention.


She fell to her knees and pounded her fists against the dirt, tears watering the grass below. Her jeans were stained a bright green, ______ hair falling in her eyes. The bottoms of her shoes slipped against the soil.

“Come back, would you? Idiot, getting yourself killed… For the team… For me, even, too…”

She dragged her fists against the grass as she sat up, staring at the moon, as bright as his smile.


The Nekoma volleyball team was crossing a street in Tokyo to get to a shop, celebrating another victory. The captain’s best friend, Kenma, and his girlfriend, [Name], were left on the road as the car almost hit them.

The captain was on the opposite side, and had not yet stepped out on the road.

Until he spotted the car earlier.

Her ran quickly onto the road and pushed to two of them to safety as he could bring himself with them.

The last word he spoke was “MOVE!”

The last thought he thought was “Gosh, I’ll make [Name] cry again.”

The last person he looked at was [Name].

The last person he saved was [Name].

The last thing he did was smile.

His last victory was for her.


That was the last thing he heard.


“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you” she kept telling herself.

She knew it wasn’t true.

But she wanted to believe it.

“Kuroo, come back…”



“I love you.”


…to look up at the moon here

so guess who almost got hit by a car twice today walking home from school
this is also for u suga

also the small little parts at the start and end are from the new tokyo ghoul √A ending which i am in love with

Haikyuu!! (c) Haruichi Furudate
Kuroo Tetsuro (c) Haruichi Furudate
You (c) Yourself
© 2015 - 2021 ItsNotAPickupLine
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I hate you

but it was so good T_T
Pqotome's avatar
Ah, I wasn't ready for this? I didn't expect this and I'n crying. Well done, really
musicolour24's avatar
Whyyyyy when's the last time something happy was made T.T I'm gonna lose my heart at this rate
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This brought tears to my eyes T-T Mio (Crying) [V2] 
VersicolorQuasar's avatar
Didn't prepare myself for the feels q v q
VersicolorQuasar's avatar
no biggie q v q
//buries self in snow
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