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➤ Rules
Tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme!!

➤ Name : Jess
➤ Star sign : Cancer
➤ Average hours of sleep : 8-10, last time I checked.
➤ Lucky number(s) : 718
➤ Last thing googled : The Uncaged Volume 3 mix on Monstercat. Guess that says a lot about my music taste then!
➤ Favorite fictional character(s) : uHHHHHM....
- Eevee from Pokemon
- Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory
- Teardrop from Battle For BFDI
- Michael from Survivor: Ghost Island
- Mitsuha from the anime movie "Your Name"
➤ Current attire : A blue t-shirt and jeans. The usual.
➤ When did you start this account? : November 16th, 2017.
➤ Number of watchers : 15, as of this journal.
➤ What do you post? : Lately, I've been posting black n white digital paintings.
➤ Other blogs : My Tumblr counts, right? Tumblr
➤ Do you get a lot of comments : Not really.
➤ Why did you choose this username? : I was known as "Mindfully" in the mTWOW community at the time, but Mindfully was taken so I added "Its" in front of it. Really starting to regret it now.

➤ If you're reading this, just pretend I tagged you. Go ahead and do this if you want.