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:iconitsmercury:ItsMercury posted a status
And this is a follow up of my last rant/post of what I think the tribe’s roars would sound most like realistically.

Mudwing: Probably not a roar but more like a gurgle noise. Like a hippo and a crocodile mixed together. Both travel at lower frequency and Mudwings live in a for stead area so that would be a rather suiting sound for their environment.

Sandwing: Sorta like a screech from a hawk or a hissing sound.

Sky wing: Like a lion and a bear had a child and the child was breathtakingly pissed like all the time...

Seawing: Pretty much has two different roars. One for aboveground wich is like a skippy roar and one for underwater so something like echo locations sounding. Pretty much theCrabSquid from Subnotica.

Icewing: Probably also has two. One that is very low and travel a long distance over the Tundra like a wolf’s howl and another like a grumbling sound.

Rainwings: They would probably have several different calls for the fifteenth layers of rainforest including the floor and canopy. Much like an Elephant.

Nightwing: Honestly since they used to live in canyons and then moved to the island then the rainforest I’m not to sure. But honestly it’s probably like a larger bird , perhaps aCondor or even something along and loud like an Elk, that would have echoed off the canyon walls.

These are not cannon these are merely my theory’s and or ideas.

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