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:iconitsmercury:ItsMercury posted a status
So a wile back someone posted on Tumblr their theory for the types or roars the tribes in Wings Of Fire would make. Well I was conflicted with one of them. In the post it stated that Rainwings would make this demonic peacock noise which if you look at it scientifically would be horrible impractical because a peacock makes a very high frequency screech and high frequency sounds do not travel well in heavily forested terrain. Rainwings live in EXTREMELY heavily forested terrain. Lower frequency sounds travel best in heavily forested areas so even though it would sound super weird with aRainwing’s dainty frame they would probably have a very deep or low frequency roar, probably very similar to an elephant. Also I’m not saying that the author’s theory is wrong because it’s a theory and they are entitled to their own ideas I’m just stating what it would probably be if we’re being realistic.

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