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Haven was swiftly led down the crowded rode. Colors ranging from pail gold to Maroon clouding her vision. They weaved through the packed street and turned down an unfamiliar path. Then again every path, road, street and building was unfamiliar to her in the Skykingdom. She opened her dark colored snout to speak, "Prince Fury, were exactly are you taking me? If I may be so bold!" a warm laugh filled her ears,

"Oh sweetness! Just Fury is quite alright!" he winked at her. "We are heading to a rather cozy little Inn called, Blue Scale. 

"Oh.....well Fury then. Um. Wait........We?

"Hehehe, I tolled you I'd protect you didn't I, love. Anyways I'll just be walking you there, I have to head back to the Palace afterwards." The duo continued to walk eventually reaching the Inn. Fury reluctantly let the petit dragoness out from under his large wing serving as a protective barrier around the female Nightwing. His expression one of concern. "Are you gunna be alright, doll?" he asked with concern laced in his deep voice. After all she was in a strange kingdom full of strange and dangerous dragons. Haven have a small giggle,

"I believe I'll be just fine" she leaned up, placing affectionate kiss on the Prince's cheek. Then swiftly turning away and disappearing behind the polished oak doors on the Inn. 


He stared at the doors the dark beauty had walked through, lifting a black taloned paw to his cheek, the warmth of her muzzle still burning into his already blushing cheeks. Thinking to himself 'Oh moons, she's gunna be the death of me'. He walked till he could find a large enough space to spread his large leathery wings and begin his flight. 

The sun just barely peaking over the horizon as he landed on the polished stone balcony coming off from his quarters. Sleepily dragging his wings on the floor towards his large bed. Laying down comfortably and drifting off into a dreamless sleep, more like nap. The exasperated Prince raises his maroon head as he had heard a sharp nock on his door. "Come in" he yelled drowsily. The large door silently swung open and in sauntered his tiny little sister. Her yellow orange scales glistening brightly from the rays of sun showing through Fury's large windows. Her slim yellow eyes peering at him curiously. His face contoured into on of annoyance, "What do you want Harpy?" The small dragonet hopping onto her elder brothers large bed.

"Nothing, geese someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!" She half whispered "I just wanted to ask why you didn't come back home last night..." she lowered her head in embarrassment. Fury's eyes softening,

"I'm sorry, I.....I had some business to take care of." He paused "I took Finch's shift last night." he half lied, after all that was how it started out.

"Oh I see." the small Princess thought for a moment, "OH YA" she shouted " Mommy wanted me to tell you she saw you fly in. She is NOT happy. She and Papa want to speak with" The Prince shot out his door after hearing that, even though he was currently 11 years old, he was still very very intimidated by his mother. With her golden scales and royal aura that surrounded her, who wouldn't be. If his mother was anger with him, well, he should be very...VERY scared. If their was one dragon you didn't want to get steamed up, it was Queen Dynasty.

Ahhhh, I'm sorry it took me so long to write the second chapter, its super short to. Well I hope you guys liked it. Have a good night, day, or whatever time it is for you when you read this.

                                                                                                                                          Chapter 1
I huffed has a flipped my notebook open to a clean page and began to write.

     Dear diary, today one of my fellow soldiers Finch i believe his name was, nearly trampled me to the ground. After begging for my forgiveness and so on he asked me to cover his shift on patrol….again. I reluctantly agreed…..not knowing what was in store for me.

     Fury grumpily walking along the border of the Sky Kingdom. His keen eyesight watching for any sign of movement or suspicious activity. Nodding to himself after he was sure the area was clear he began the long flight back to the palace to switch shifts. “What the hell was that!?!” Wiping his long neck around to pear along the tree line. “I swore I saw a tail…” then he saw it…...well more like her. From behind the tree line stepped a slender dragoness with scales so dark they were nearly pitch black. Their eyes met his wild with alarmed and hers calm, eerily calm.

     “Hello” she spoke in a voice like silk. Fury stared at her in awe. As the dark dragoness stepped into the moonlight her features were revealed to him. Cheekbones sharp as the edge of a blade, her scales covered in dirk from her travels, and her eyes, her eyes were like nothing hed ever seen before. The color of lavender and honey, full of warmth and at the same time great sadness. He finally managed to choke out,

     “Who are you, why are you in the Sky Kingdom? Nightwing.” The dragoness glanced towards the ground, her talons fidgeting nervously.

     I don't mean any trouble, I’m just passing through. You see, I’m a traveler, a merchant of sorts. If you would let me, I would appreciate your permission to stay here for a few weeks. Before I must leave again.” she dared to glance at the maroon Skywing in front of her...his expression thoughtful before speaking,

     “Alright, you can stay. Would you like me to escort you to the nearest village?”  The midnight colored dragoness waved her talons rapidly,

     “Oh no you need not trouble yourself with me!” she sputtered

     “It’s quite all right my shift is over anyway, plus i couldn’t leave a lovely dragoness such as yourself without an escort.” he added diffidently. She blushed while nodding her head in acceptance. Together they took to the skies. “So,” Fury started “What's your name?” he had to raise his voice a bit because of the wind.

     “Haven” she called back “What about you, what is the name of my escort?” she laughed

     Fury smirked, “Fury, Prince Fury.” he added triumphantly. Haven’s mouth lay wide open in shock,

     “Y~Your the the P~Prince!?…..but why would you…”

     “Indeed I am” he cut her off. Fury started to dive towards the ground, drawing his wings in closer to gain speed. Later being followed by the dark dragoness. “Well I believe this is your stop.” he sighed, draping one of his colossal wings over the Nightwing. Haven looked up at his, her face contorted into an expression of bewilderment and concern. “I can't let you run off into a strange village full of strange dragons without an escort can ?” The pair walked through the crowded street. Scales pressed together firmly.

    “Why are you doing this, why are you helping me?” Haven choked

    “As prince of the Skywings it is my job to protect all who dwell within the kingdom” he paused and added “You currently dwell within my home so it is my job to protect you”

Till next time. Hope you liked it.