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Havoc Ref by ItsMercury Havoc Ref by ItsMercury
Name: Havok

Age: 19

Tribe: Skywing

Occupation: King of the Skywings

Parents: Violet (mother / alive) Prometheus (father / alive) 

Siblings: none

Ability's: Normal Skywing ability's

Personality: Havoc's charm and dashing look rival even is royal born brother in law 

Backstory: Harpy was hatched on (in human terminology) April 24th. He was raised near the Northern border of the Skykingdom by his mother Violate. In the near future he meats a princess whos grace and beauty rival the legendary Queen Dynasty herself. They arrange secret meetings that become so frequent that the Queen his enlightened about her daughter's "absence". Wile under arrest by order of the queen his love demands a royal challenge be held in a desperate attempt to spare Havoc's life. Every drake dragoness and dragonet that witnessed the gruesome challenge was shocked from the outcome. All except one blood red drake. He had believed in his princess with every fiber of his being, never doubting her capability to over through her mother, not even for a second. As him and his beloved were crowded the new King and Queen they made a promise. They promised to work together, as a team, to love each other, in sickness and in health, for rick or poor, and to usher in a new era together as one, till death do them part.
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August 13, 2017
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