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Havoc Ref by ItsMercury Havoc Ref by ItsMercury
Name: Havoc

Age: 19

Tribe: Skywing

Occupation: King of the Skywings

Parents: Violet (mother/alive) Prometheus (father/alive) 

Siblings: none

Ability's: Normal Skywing ability's

Personality: His charm and looks give even a born prince a scare. He is quite different from the past kings, unlike them, he among few others married a royal out of love instead of having an arranged marriage.  Like his wife, he is a quite peculiar drake.

Backstory: Havoc was hatched on (in human terminology) April 24th. He was raised near the northern border of the SkyKindom by his mother Violate without his absent father Prometheus. In the near future he meats a princess whos beauty and witt rivaled the legendary Queen herself. They arrange secret meeting that over the months become very frequent so frequent in fact that the Queen is enlightened about her daughter's absence. Wile under arrest by order of the Queen his love challenges her mother in a frantic attempt to spare his life. Everyone who witnessed the gruesome battle was shocked by the outcome except one drake. He believed in his princess with his every fiber of his being. As they were crowned the new King and Queen of the skywings, they promised each other to work together as a team and usher in a new era, until death do them part
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August 13, 2017
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