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Apollo ref by ItsMercury Apollo ref by ItsMercury
My first OC and my Sona

Name: Apollo

Age: 5

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Tribe(s): Skywing/Rainwing hybrid

Hobby(s): He loves to draw and read. He also loves plants and singing.

Parents: Falcon (Father/Skywing)  Tayra pronounced Tee-ra or Ty-ra (Mother/Rainwing) Monkey (Step-father/Rainwing)

Siblings: Three younger half sisters (order of oldest to youngest) Peach 4 years old, Mango 4 years old (Peach & Mango are hatching mates) , and Chinchilla a year old. All three of them are full Rainwings.

Ability's: Fire Breathe, Camouflage, Turns red when angary. 

Personality: Apollo is a very sociable dragon. He's super sweet and funny, also really smart. Though he's super awkward around girls he likes.

Backstory: Apollo was raised in the rainforest by his mother Tayra due to the fact that his father and mother separated when he was 2. She later re-married when he was 4. As he got older and grew larger he ventured outside the Rain Kingdom many times visiting his friend Salamander. Often bringing with him exotic fruits that could not be found anywhere accept deep inside the rainforest kingdom for his dear friend to try.

Accessories: Apollo has gages (not sure if that's how you spell it) just because he likes them. He also wears a red bandana around his left arm/leg/appendage, a gift from his close friend Salamander, a Mudwing Prince.

Voice: undetermined 

(his wings are bigger than they show in the pic)
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November 27, 2017
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