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Amari new by ItsMercury Amari new by ItsMercury
Name: Amari Uchiha

Spouse: Kuro Uchiha

Child: Makoto Uchiha

Mother: Izumi Momochi

Father: Zabuza Momochi

Age: 20

Place of Birth: Amari was born in Kumogakure, the hidden Cloud village. She later moved to and grew up in Kirigakure, the hidden mist village.

Current residence: Land of Fire. Konaho, Village hidden in the leaves. 

Affiliation: Hidden Cloud (former) Hidden Mist (former) Hidden Leaf (current)

Jutsu: Amari specializes in Water style and lighting style Jutsus.

Personality: Amari is a very stubborn and strong willed woman. She is very smart and a loving mother and wife.

Backstory: Amari lived with her mother and father in the hidden mist village. In her earlier years her mother, Izumi, passed away from brain cancer. Her and her father worked together to survive until Amari at the age of 10 watched her father die during a mission, along with her best friend Haru. She then traveled the world as a mercenary, meeting new and exiting people. At the age of 16 she was approached by a stranger asking if she was the daughter of Zabuza after her confirming it the stranger revealed himself to be Kuro Uchiha and proceeded to hunt her until he gave up. They later fell in love and married. Soon after that she fell pregnant with their eldest child, a son, Makoto. 
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September 9, 2017
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