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RULES [please read!]

Hey there! This is SuperWaffleAttack! Welcome to ItsMathematical! Here are a few things you should know:

~We are a group dedicated to the one-of-a-kind show Adventure Time! That means any Adventure Time related art will be accepted into our group (crossovers included).

~PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE RIGHT FOLDER! Check which folder you're submitting to before you press submit! This saves our admins heaps of time and keeps our folders organized! We have many folders to avoid confusion. This is a huge problem for our group, and we would highly appreciate it if you spare a few seconds to think about your folder choice!
E.g. The Group folder is for art with 2 non-couple characters or more.

~THE FEATURED FOLDER IS SPECIAL. If you think your art is exceptional (that means fully coloured art), you may submit it to the Featured folder and we judge if it deserves to be in there or not. If not, we will still accept it and move it to the correct folder. Please do not be offended if your art does not make it into the Featured folder.

~No traces or stolen art.

~If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a question as a comment below and me or one of out rocking admins, :iconardria::iconsweetmariia::iconcorgi-osis::iconjanelvalle::iconbobguyperson::iconlydiallama::iconaskloveless:
will get right back to you!

Group Info

This is a group dedicated to the amazing show Adventure Time!
Founded 10 Years ago
Dec 11, 2011


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adventure time

3,950 Members
3,172 Watchers
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Gallery Folders

Fiolee kiss by KuroiiFox
Too many differences by KuroiiFox
Be Strong. by KuroiiFox
Contest Folder CLOSED
Im Just Your Problem by TreeTopFoxx
Evicted by garuye
Hisss... by Rainbowishgirl
Marshall Lee (Fry Song) - Adventure Time by Qhyperdunk24
Too lazy to put in right folder
GOLB embodiment of discord by MPaolillo
Covid-nite (Part 2) by yipkarhei2001
Marceline by Silver-Shadoww
Redrawing by ACorca
FINN x FINN by MPaolillo
Finn and Huntress Wizard (screencap redraw) by DashingDaisyArt
Finn the PERFECT human by BUSHonDRUGS
Entrenamiento by Xtreme-jp
Inktober 2018: Cake (gijinka) by AyaGina
Inktober 2018: Jake (gijinka) by AyaGina
dont spoil the adventure time finale by Anchortoon
Jake Tsum Tsum by PawPatrolChase
Finn and Jake-Fionna and Cake
Training Day by DriftsEdge
Adventure Time: High Five (10th anniversary) by Universe-Ocean-Blue
You Are Standing In My Brain... by DriftsEdge
Show Them What We Are Made Of by DriftsEdge
Inktober 2018: Prince Gumball by AyaGina
La Demonio de Rosa by Xtreme-jp
Princess Bubblegum by muffidoodle
Inktober 2018: Bonnibel Bubblegum by AyaGina
Flame Princess-Flame Prince
All That We Could Do With This Emotion! by DriftsEdge
Flame Princess by DashingDaisyArt
Bedtime Story : Cursed Cupcake by DriftsEdge
Inktober 2018: Flame Prince by AyaGina
Marceline-Marshall Lee
The Initial Payment by DriftsEdge
Inktober 2018: Marshall Lee by AyaGina
Marceline by muffidoodle
Inktober 2018: Marceline Abadeer by AyaGina
Inktober 2018: Lump Space Princess (gijinka) by AyaGina
Grumosa Glamurosa|Fan art by K-eey
Lumpy Space Princess Sculpture by Jade-Viper
LSP by simoneferriero
Inktober 2018: Lord Monochromicorn (gijinka) by AyaGina
Ice King-Ice Queen
No es facil ser padre by Xtreme-jp
Other Characters
Inktober 2018: Butterscotch Butler/Peppermint Maid by AyaGina
let's just stay like this for a while longer.. by lentilsoupp
Daddy's Old Trick by DriftsEdge
Original Characters
The Hero of the Cupcake Kingdom by TheCupcake-Queen
Animations and Icons
Flame Princess Pixel Icon #2 by Andrasfu1027
Memes, Comics, Fanfiction
JBGTS - Page 32 by julialee
World Of Regular Show / Adventure Time by oscarb1
Cosplay and Craft
Adventure Time: Windstorm by Aster-Hime


A thank you to :iconmilkymichi: for sending me the link!
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u click gallery:
check wat category file  ur art goes in u will see a plus up and by the right
then choose ur art from ur gallery and click done
ur art will await acceptance 
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