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Some time for Them

By ItsK
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oHeeey here is it!

Tom ([link]) is spending so much time to us, so I spent some for HIM-
Twokinds fanart crashed in forest-practice and here we are!

(I advise downloading it to get a full-screen-view of it, preferably with a gigant monitor ;))
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I agree with Holy-Sparks, both look a bit on the lean side, but other than that, great pic!

Where did you learn to draw leaves and foliage like that?
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XD thx dude, let me tell you:
Learning by doing!
Im screwing around with PS in my freetime.
...sometimes I wish I would have studied webdesign as my friends XD
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the background is particularly great but aren't the characters a little skinny ? :O
still a good job!
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I like it this way :]
of course I know that nathani isnt the thinnest character...

what I foud more interesting was,
(I recocnized it when the pics were done)that I read 500pages of the comic without noticing that nathi has NOT short hairs, as I always drew her. s:/

thx, replyz alwayz welcome!
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that too, buddy xD
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Nice work on this one too, couple and environment
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nice to hear :D
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yesh :D

I like this couple
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