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[REF] BunnyWolf 6.0
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Published: March 16, 2018
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Name: BunnyWolf


Gender: Female

Nicknames: Bun, Bunny

Spieces: Wolf pony hybrid, pegasus

Other spieces: The half pony and half other animal one, is called a Hybri (BOI IM NOT CREATIVE. I MADE THIS UP MYSLEF BC I DONT KNOW IF THIS IS A SPIECES AND IF IT IS, I DONT KNOW THE NAME OF IT). Half predators kill small animals like chickens, unless they do not want to kill. Half prey, are a little frightened of half predators as they can go insane anytime. Unless they know them really well. 

Note: I'm not good with backstories so I don't know what goes where so sorry if unnecessary information is in it.

Birthday: April 25 2001

Personality: Kind and caring, mostly when she's in a good mood, unless she hates that person (i hate using pony or ponies ;-. Aggressive. Only when she gets annoyed, kinky, humorous.

Likes: Freedom, running in the wind/rain, music, internet, animations, cookies, nighttime, sunsets

Dislikes: loud noises, arguments, insects, mornings

Fears/phobias: Darkness, losing loved ones, 

Sexuality: Bi

City or town of birth: California (I'm trying to use in real life things. I feel like mlp things are kinda... cringey... Y OML I HATE THIS WORD)

Currently lives: California

Native language: English

Relationship status:  [MAIN REF] Sleepy by Shirooxs

Favourite color: Blue

Hobbies: Eating :')))))

Eating habits:

Omnivore/ Carnivore/ Herbivore: Carnivore

Favourite food: Meat, spaghetti (e.g: Chicken, turkey)

Favourite drinks: Coke

Dislikes food: Blue cheese, 

Disliked drinks: Alchohol, licorice

Physical appearance:

Height: 13hh

Weight: Average

Bunny got her cutiemark at the age of 12 as she couldn't find out what her talent was. She wasn't really made fun out of. But wasn't liked at school that much. Others were a bit scared of her as she was half wolf and the others were half domestic/prey animals (there was wild animals in her school. A lot actually. They weren't as liked. It is part of her and others spieces. Half animal one). As she was half pony. She had no idea how to howl and act like a wolf (not a dangerous wolf that kills). Her parents thought she was never going to act like a wolf completely. So they gave up from teaching her. Once, her mother and her went out in the forest when it was a full moon. She couldn't keep her eyes off the moon. She had a weird feeling like she was attracted to it. They sat down at the bottom of a cliff. Her mother decided to go hunting for some chickens. After her mother left, she ran up the cliff, trying to howl again. It didn't go well. Just some kind of whistles. She tried it a couple of times but kept failing until she had enough of it. She took her deepest breath. And tried to howl as she remembered what her mother has told her about how to howl. She let it all out. And howled. This howl was not an usual one.. It was a pleasant sounding one that not many wolf hybrids can do. When she stopped, she felt a small tickle on her hips. She looked at her right one, and saw her new cutiemark. Her body temperature rose. She hopped down the cliff with extreme happiness, waiting for her mother to show off her cutiemark.

Extra detail: Cannot fly for too long. When she is lonely she talks to her plushie :')

Pets: N/A

Her plushie ;--; She named it Melo. She cannot sleep without it and will S M A C C anyone who takes it from her.
I changed it into a melon because:
1. I can't draw cacti.
2. It represents my sona that I will soon make, my nickname that I have for myself and I love it ;')

Weaknesses and strenghs:

Weaknesses: Weaknesses that most people have. Can't fly for long.

Strenghts: Can attack quickly and has a strong grip (has sharp teeth) when attacked first.
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She looking and sweet she is for her kind and caring stuff she is :D Awesome work about her there :D
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