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Daily Deviation
June 21, 2020
After Dark by ItsEndy
Featured by TheGalleryOfEve
Suggested by barananduen
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EvanYvane's avatar

wow, that's epic!

Akshay--Sharma's avatar

I like it, very cool ♥️

how can i download this awesome art work mate ?!!! i love it so much!!

TheRaspberryPie's avatar
This is amazing, from the way the silhouettes are used to the way the cloud are shaped.
Lintu47's avatar

Congrats on the Daily Deviation! (:

Have a nice day and stay safe! ❤️

Thynkitrix's avatar
This is so cute!
Risutina's avatar
This is so pretty!! uwu I am inspired to draw again~
charhoangart's avatar
stunning! the warm colours work really well against the black silhouette. the sea and sky feel so vast!
GregoMii80's avatar
alejoelcuervo's avatar
Awesome job! Also congrats for DD
dpcdpc11's avatar

So beautiful! Could look at this for hours :) A well deserved DD!

bailoo1's avatar
This is truly beautiful, the way you've used the clouds and the sunset sky colours
NewArtisticallicous's avatar

I love the contrast of the dark silhouettes of the dock and the child against the orange hues of the waters and the sky. It really does bring a dramatic flair to the atmosphere. Well done!

8Xenos8's avatar
Epic 🔥🔥
ArykaLemonade's avatar
Watch for watch, anyone?
shirousagi360's avatar

I love the atmoshpere. Makes me dream and forget the rainy weather outside!

dklara's avatar
Gorgeous work!
barananduen's avatar

Beautiful work! Lovely colors and very dreamy!

packy1800's avatar
ItsEndy's avatar
VladixArt's avatar

Ey man, i remember you from Digital Artist Group on facebook :D Amazing work and instantly followed !

ItsEndy's avatar

Ayye, Glad to see you here! And thank you :>

Corrupted-Teka's avatar
That is VERY impressive. Kudos :0
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