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I Need A Doctor...

Killjoy characters

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Where Are Ya, Destroya? Part 7

In, out. In, out. In, out. Ignore the pain, push through the pain. Stay calm, stay calm. "We've got to get her to Ace's," Donorcycle was saying. "But he's not here!" Angel said. Dear Angel. Always so serious, hard-edged like a triangle. Her little voice of reason, her realist. But sharp edges was not what Harmony needed now. In, out. In, out. Someone was taking hold of her, lifting her up. Strong warm arms. "Can you stand for me, Harmony?" Donorcycle was saying. "Come on, girl, stand for me." Her legs felt weak, rubbery. Not like the strong legs of the rabbit that was kicking its way out of her. "I c-c-c-" "Come on girl, we've go

Where Are Ya, Destroya?

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Luke Evans Sketches

Sketches and WIPs

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Best Yet Worst Summer Ever pt3

After dinner, of course, we were sent back to the cabin. “Lights out at ten,” my father said, “And we'll know, because we can still see the light coming from the windows, so don't try to stay up later or we'll come round and tuck you in ourselves.” I got into the shower before Gerard, and washed my hair. I felt like it. I have this thing about washing my hair. I always feel better when my hair's soft and squeaky clean, for some reason, and I was so confused and pissed off now, I needed it. After I got out, I realized that I had left my pj's in the bedroom. Meaning I had to go in there wearing nothing but a towel, while G


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Halloween costume


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Sweet Sixteen... o__0

Some stupidly old shit from way back when

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So I Muro'd


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