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Redline by M. Miller by itsago Redline by M. Miller by itsago
Here's the last of the commissions I scored at this year's Big Wow! Comicfest -- and, as you can see, it's a doozy!

It was almost midway through the first day of the show, and I'd already set up so many commissions that I could practically hear my wallet shrieking in pain. I was just about to depart for the day when, right on the far edge of the show floor, I saw Injustice and Pathfinder cover artist extraordinaire :iconunderdogmike: setting up a massive booth chock-full of gorgeous art prints and other assorted goodies. Despite his booth's somewhat out-of-the-way placement, he seemed to be doing a brisk business -- so I knew there was little chance that he'd have the time or interest in drawing me something. Still, I'd been an admirer of his amazing art ever since I first saw it in Immortal Two, an ultra-cool creator-owned book (notable for it's slick, gray-scale interiors) he put out via Image wayyyy back in 1997, and I'd never seen him at a west coast con before. Given all that, I knew I had to at least try and make something happen, so I did -- and I got lucky!

Working diligently from references I provided, Mike rendered Redline in his inimitable style, paying particular attention the details of her face and incorporating the same sort of greytones he used in Immortal Two to give the art some added polish -- and, by noon the next day, I had this awesome piece in my grubby paws.

I absolutely could not be happier with how this commission turned out. In fact, if I ever wanted to hire an actress and/or model to portray Redline, I could simply get myself a casting agent, hand them a copy of this, and that would be nearly all the info they'd need.
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August 16, 2014
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