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I've previously released an album of rock music. I've just released a couple of tracks of my classical minimalist music. Hope you like it. Any support, sharing, reviews, etc much appreciated. Best wishes, Malcolm (from Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate)……

A little playlist featuring people who've kindly played at our Save The Children charity fundraisers at the Fiddler's Elbow in Camden.…

Thanks very much to everyone who has supported these events.

I'm sure the bands would all be grateful for any listens/shares etc
Best wishes,

Today was our first day of filming for our low-budget independent comedy-horror feature film Rock Band Vs Vampires, and it was an absolute pleasure to have the writer and broadcaster Gyles Brandreth joining us for a cameo scene. He was great fun, and extremely supportive.
Our new comedy-horror short film Badgergeddon has been finished, and is up on youtube. Any feedback, and if you like it sharing, would be hugely appreciated. 

Best wishes,

I've been working recently on some ideas for a new album, based on a science fiction story about consciousness (whether the substrate - brain or machine, matters for the emergence of a consciousness). The story isn't trying to suggest an answer either way, it's just exploring how the virtual character might feel. In the story the virual character believes they are alive (or at least acts in the way that they would if there was a 'them' to believe it) and ends up fighting a computer virus threatening the real world.

The musical ideas so far are a mix of prog-rock, rock, minimalist, electronica, ambient, metal and funky rock.

I aim to either write the story as a short story/novelette, or at least to provide a synopsis for those interested in reading it. I would also be interested in opening up this project for a variety of collaborations. If there are artists interested in making something inspired by or related to the album, songs, story, or lyrics, I'd be interested in putting them together in an online gallery. Similarly, it would be interesting to explore possibilities for working with different film-makers to produce a music video to go with each track in the album. Maybe open up elements of the music to remixers. All of course within the constraints of no significant budget...

If you'd be interested in contributing in some way to the project, please do let me know. The possible working titles are either When The Kill-Code Fails or My Clockwork Heart (what do you prefer?)

Some of the track titles so far are -
When The Kill Code Fails (as the lights fade, it's back to the stone age, when the kill code fails)
Alive (I'm more alive than I've ever been before, and I want more)
My Clockwork Heart (my clockwork heart heart still beats, somewhere inside me)
Broken Wave

This is a sampler of some doodles I've been exploring for our next Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate album. Any feedback welcome.…

Best wishes, Malcolm
Wishing you all a happy New Year.

I've recently uploaded a few pictures - a crab apple photo and some fractals. Hope you like them.

Best wishes, Malcolm