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Realistic Polymer Clay Doll Eye Cane Tutorial

I recently made some cute clay eyes and put this tutorial together based on my endeavour. Maybe it will come in handy for someone :D
I watched sugarcharmshop's youtube video and made a batch of eyes. I couldn't find an image tutorial for the process so I made one myself. Hope I've not made any mistakes Evil Eye !
My first time making a clay cane also - it was really fun; you should try it!
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This is great! I can't wait to get back into clay again!
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Cool! It's great to think you might get some use out of this tutorial!! Good luck and share with us if you do make an eye cane :D
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Will do!

Though I don't have the best history with clay. All my pots from my high school class broke within five years. :(
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It looks so complicated but everyone says it's easy! xD

I need to try my hand at this one day, as you say, "it's fun!" :D
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Only thing is it take some time to make the cane but it makes lots of little eyes/charms. I hope you do make some; Good luck :D
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Glad you like it  Thumbs Up
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Very good tutorial. I cant wait to try this! :happybounce:
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You're so accomplished I really appreciate such a kind comment from you, TY!! If you do try it you might share it with us :)
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Thank you so much! And if I get round to making some eyes I will certainly send you some pics and give you prpops for the tutorial. :clap: :happybounce:
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very clever!
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Thanks so much for your comment :D
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