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"You are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!"

I know like literally everyone has done something like this xD but I wanted to hop on the bandwagon with Purple Man Jack x3 (whose profile is right here: Five Nights at Freddy's - The Night Guards by itsaaudra)
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Ironically, you litterally either get stuffed in one of the suits or become a flesh suit for Ennard in SL. In both cases, you literally become or bear the face of Freddy's animatronics
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Buddy I love Jack and I wanna marry him but I can't cause he's fiction and I am sad
And I just wanna marry him
why he gotta be the fictional babe I can't have?
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I know these feels 
I wish he wasn't just a fictional babe either UnU;; 
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I love how you make Purple Man Jack x3
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Thank god, some Purple Guy fanart that isn't Vincent.
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good job
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Who is this guy? An alternate purple man? Gotta be honest, I like Vince better. What's his story?
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Well, no. He's my interpretation of him.

~~~~Purple Man Jack~~~~
Real Name: Unknown, but everyone just calls him Jack after Jack the Ripper. He doesn't mind the name and has adopted it as his own. 
Age: 25 (when he first started at Freddy's), 39 (as of FNAF 2), 45 (as of FNAF 1). He is deceased afterward, but that won't stop him. 
Birthday: October 2nd
Sexuality: Unknown
Ethnicity: Unknown (presumably Icelandic or Norweigan)
Favorite Animatronic: Foxy the Pirate, Golden Freddy
Least Favorite Animatronic: The Puppet
Why did Jack take the job?: He would be around children... he loved children. Though, he can never have children of his own due to impotency, he would often take out his rage on the children that he could never have. 
Why didn't anyone catch him?: Well, people were suspicious of him after the first murder, but he played it off to the point where they couldn't discover the truth. After his next few murders, he framed someone else and had them arrested, so he could finish his job and destroy the animatronics... which led to his demise.
Does Jack become Springtrap?: Yes, and he loves it. Well, his zombie self does.

Not much is known about Jack, not even his real name. Some believe he is Scott's alter ego or split personality. It is unknown if this is true. As mentioned, he learned that he was sterile when he was around 18. At the time, he wanted to have children with his significant other, but after learning that he cannot help to bear them, his rage began to fester, causing his s/o to leave him. But that only made things worse for poor, old Jack. If he can't have children... No one can. 

Theme Song: Hit the Road, Jack by Acid Drinkers
Preferred Voice:Steven Ogg (GTA V)
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Hmm. So, he's a nut. An impotent nut. I like Vince better still, even off of his meds. I can feel sorry for Vince. I suppose I could feel sorry for this guy too, but mental illness makes a more compelling argument than rage.
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Except that Jack's mental illness is brought on by this impotency. Vincent is just... way too overindulged and over-exaggerated. He's crazy, but he isn't crazy for a reason. He just kills children because it's fun, not because of severe psychosis. He's an overused and over-loved character, but I appreciate your opinion. 
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Trophy 1st Ribbon Old Red That right there is my reason why I love your interpretation of the purple guy, you deserve a medalBlue Ribbon  Trophy 1st 
                    Very compelling antagonist, one that I can feel bad for yet hate.
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AAA thank you! *wears medal happily*
That honestly means so much to me, because that's exactly what I was going for~! ;w; 
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I admit that there are people who carry it a bit far, but I doubt that anyone has a psychosis for no reason. Further, I prefer the less-common "He's not having fun" Vincents where he simply loses control or drops into a subconscious pattern. Like sleep-walking. Perhaps Vincent's problem is more... subtle than Jack's.

Aside from that, Jack for Jack the Ripper is a little overused in and of itself. Vincent is threatening, but less well known for a name.
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What I mean is that his reason isn't explained, or even really touched upon. A good villain has a backstory, Vincent just kills for no reason. From what I've read on him, what you said is not true. He literally kills for fun and takes pleasure in it. Besides, even if he slips into a psychosis, how is that justifiable or even pitiable? If that IS his problem, I don't see how it's subtle. Jack's reason isn't flaunted about, nor does he take pleasure in it. If anything, his reason is far more subtle.

Jack is a name that has brought fear into the hearts of millions for centuries. Vincent is a name that is not even in the least bit interesting or threatening. Especially when looking at that character design. At least Jack resembles a human being, and not an eggplant that smiles, has no pupils, and eats toast all day. 
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;u; I wish he was
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"and not an eggplant that smiles, has no pupils, and eats toast all day." hallelujah 
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"A good villain has a backstory."

Thank you, good sir! I'll remember that whenever I want to continue the work of my own characters.
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Ah, you're welcome! 
although i am no sir ;w; 
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"Jack is a name that has brought fear into the hearts of millions for centuries."

...I'm not sure what to think of my name now.
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I didn't know about the toast. As for your other points, I'm in a different camp from most Vincent fans. And... isn't Jack your character? Scott is deliberately vague about Purple Man and his back-story is free to be played with. Aside from that, I pity anyone whose body or mind betrays them. They need help not horrors. I'd invite you over to see my own take on this at my AO3 account, but it's not posted yet. Look me up at some point, I'm TheMatraPseudoBiblica.
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...Really? That's all I see Vincent connected to. That and raping Phone Guy. 
Jack's no one's character, but he is my interpretation of Purple Guy. I gave him a backstory and a purpose, so that he would seem to be like a normal person who has a lot of troubles and is not all monstrous. 

I'll be sure to do that, friend~!
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