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About Me

Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear

↓!!Follow me on Tumblr!!↓

(I tend to post art there first and more frequently!)


Art Trades are open, but only to friends/mutuals for right now!

Want to commission me? Check out this journal for my prices and info! Or, if you would prefer, send me a note! I'll try to get back to it as soon as I can!:…

:bulletgreen:When paying through PayPal, please remember to specify an address is not needed, as these are digital commissions, and be sure to pay using Goods and Services.

:bulletblue:My birthday is July 27th :cake:
I appreciate and ADORE any art given to me at any time!! <3

:bulletpurple:Other ways you can contact me~:

Steam: itsaaudra itsaaudra
Instagram: itsaaudraw
Twitter: @ itsaaudraw

:bulletred:Fandoms I'm in:

-Steven Universe-
-Gravity Falls-
-Zatch Bell!-
-My Little Pony- (Not as much anymore)
-Five Nights at Freddy's-
-South Park-
-Bendy and the Ink Machine-

Freddy Commissions Open Stamp by BlueBismuth Bonnie Point Commission Closed Stamp by BlueBismuth Foxy Art Trades Open Stamp by BlueBismuth Chica Requests Closed Stamp by BlueBismuth No Requests by Enjoumou FO Trades by Enjoumou FO Collabs by Enjoumou FO Gifts by Enjoumou PAYPAL Accept by Enjoumou Pre-Blocking by World-Hero21 Goosebumps Stamp by Twisted--Princess So Many Fandoms so Little Time by endler Do not steal art by Orpheelin OC comparison stamp by liento anti comparison stamp by Sythgara Shy Stamp by Neko-Musume

Slappy Dog by Radicalhat

Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear


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I'm making another journal for commissions so it can be more easily seen by everyone!

I need to start financing a new car soon and my job doesn't pay well enough, so I could really use the money! This is basically my sidejob after all but it's not nearly as consistent as I'd like, so I'm just gonna make a second journal! It hasn't changed (not yet anyway), but I figured I'd keep this one on my page :,D

If you can't afford a commission but still would like to support me, I have a KO-FI! It's only 3 bucks for a single one, but if you donate at least 4 coffees, you'll get a thank you sketch of anything you want! 

And if you have no money but you still want to support my work, please consider sharing this journal so it can reach more people! Either way, it would be extremely appreciated <3

I also have a Redbubble; lot of my art is there and you can buy it on T-shirts or mugs or whatever! As well as an ETSY store where you can pick up a few prints and pins and stickers! (I only have a few things for now, but if I make a profit on these, I'll be able to sell more art!)

Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider 

Free Button: Commissions Open by Mimru
Commissions OPEN by MellotheMarshmallow
'Commissions open' icon by hase-illustration

Sketch: $15 for half body/bust, $25 for full body  Scn 0020 (8) by itsaaudraw Hannah by itsaaudraw Rickpearl by itsaaudraw Scn 0001 by itsaaudraw Scn 0051 (2) by itsaaudraw

Lineart: $30 for half body/bust, $40 for full body  Rocketdoodles by itsaaudraw Spittake by itsaaudraw Jdevicon by itsaaudraw Filename by itsaaudraw

Colored (FLAT COLORS): $45 for half body/bust, $55 for full body
EXAMPLES:  Overwatch OC - Blitzen by itsaaudraw Rutile Twins by itsaaudraw Depression Horse by itsaaudraw Bubbline by itsaaudraw COMMISSION - Sedated-Smiles by itsaaudraw COMMISSION - Night in the Woods Sona by itsaaudraw

Colored (FLAT/CELL SHADING): $60 for half body/bust, $65 for full body
EXAMPLES: (just a sample of something I would draw):  Rowlet and Ford by itsaaudraw Gravity Falls - One of Us - Ford by itsaaudraw E. Nygma by itsaaudraw Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano by itsaaudraw Astra by itsaaudraw

Complex Shading: $70
EXAMPLE Slappy vs. Chucky - Slappy's Cover by itsaaudraw SATURNZ BARZ - Noodle by itsaaudraw Rick Sanchez (D-144) by itsaaudraw Krampuswise by itsaaudraw Goosebumps Monster Squad by itsaaudraw

(p.s. If you want something in a specific style, let me know in a note!)

Character Bust (Head & Shoulders): $15-70 (Depending on whether or not it's a sketch, lineart, full-colored, or complex.)
EXAMPLE Gary Smith by itsaaudraw SAW - William Easton by itsaaudraw Mr. Wally Wood by itsaaudraw Bearl by itsaaudraw Kiriban Prize - PantaroParatoopa by itsaaudraw Gemsonas United - Contest Winner Prizes by itsaaudraw

Full-colored Character w/ background: $75+ (depends on complexity of the background)
EXAMPLES Stanford Filbrick Pines by itsaaudraw Poolside by itsaaudraw Gift - Robot Friends by itsaaudraw The Twin by itsaaudraw Zombie Lars by itsaaudraw Commission - Ai-Draws by itsaaudraw

Chibi Characters: Sketch $10, Lineart $20, Flat Colors $30
EXAMPLES Where'd That Manual Go? by itsaaudraw Flutterbat by itsaaudraw The Dragon of the South Wind by itsaaudraw COMMISSION - Ahkmenrah by itsaaudraw

Animated Pixel Icons: $45+ depending on the complexity
$25 for just a simple blinking/moving up and down character/mouth moving animation*  Krocko Icon by itsaaudraw
$30-35 for an ear twitch, quote bubble, and bouncy characters Ford Icon by itsaaudraw

$40-50 for anything else you could think of (I'm still a novice so I'll be doing my best on whatever you ask for!) TeM ICon by itsaaudraw

*the mouth moving only applies to puppets or animatronics. For other/human characters, may be in the $30-35

Page Dolls: $40 ($50-60 with animation depending on complexity)
EXAMPLES:  Puppet in a Bottle by itsaaudraw TEM PAeG DoLL!!! by itsaaudraw

Comics: Varies on length; $80 per page or $15 per panel (up to 6 on a page). If there is more than 2 characters in the comic, it will be an extra $15 per character. It also depends on if it is sketch, lineart, or colored. Message me for further details. 
EXAMPLES:  Blowing Smoke by itsaaudraw BaTIM - Tie by itsaaudraw Gravity Falls - Blood Sample by itsaaudraw

New Motivationals: $40

EXAMPLES:  Motivational Tracer by itsaaudraw Motivational Junkrat by itsaaudraw Motivational Sergeant Slappy by itsaaudraw

New Full Reference Sheets: Starting Price - $100 (This is for the basic flat-colored turn-around of a character, i.e. front, back, side). Additional page(s) for expressions/alt. forms/other stuff (depending on complexity) is an additional $50. If you'd like to add shading, please let me know so I can adjust the price accordingly! 
EXAMPLES:  Waneyref by itsaaudraw Waneyref2 by itsaaudraw

New Small Reference Sheets: $50 - includes full-body of character and one or two expressions. 

EXAMPLES:  Eric by itsaaudraw ARCADIA - Moxie Reference Sheet [UPDATED] by itsaaudraw Clownsona - Toulon the Doll Clown by itsaaudraw


What I WILL NOT Draw:
-Extreme Gore such as Decapitation; I don't mind disembowelment or guts however! Decapitation is just a particular squick of mine!
-Kinks such as VoreInflationDehumanization of WomenMuscle MutationBeastiality (human/animal or anthro)FeetWatersportsScat, and Knife Play (just to name a few, note me if you have any questions and I'll give you my verdict on whether or not I will do it. May consider soft vore)
-Complex Machinery
-Over-exaggerated features (enormous breasts, enormous ass, tiny waist, etc).

-Adding more than one character (besides the comic option which allows for two characters) is $10-20 each (depending on the complexity of the piece and character)!! 
-I will not post what is against the rules here (hardcore porn, extreme guro, etc.), however I will still draw it! I'm more than willing to email it to you or post it on my NSFW tumblr account (which I will link you if you are 18+) Just message me for details about that!
-I draw OCs, as well as any character you want a picture of! It can be from anything! Any show, book, film; just give me a reference and I'll recreate them for you in my style or the medium's style!
-I also draw self-inserts! I especially love self-insert ocs x canon! They're fun to draw. 
-Please, please, PLEASE pay me upfront! I've had people forget to pay me in general if I didn't ask upfront :shrug: If you literally can't at the moment or need to wait a little while, that's fine, just talk with me about it and explain your situation! But please note that I will not start the sketch until I am paid first. Please let me know in advance!

-I DO NOT ACCEPT POINTS. I have no need for points, please do not ask or persist, I am sticking w Paypal. 

-Art trades are NOT acceptable payment, I'm sorry!! Art trades are for close friends only. 
-Prices may vary a bit depending on complexity and due date given. Please let me know in advance what exactly you want and we can work something out!!
-Please provide detailed description of what you want and include references, including references to characters and maybe a particular pose you want them in! 

  • Watching: Goosebumps
  • Playing: Night in the Woods
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea


Orion ٩ ( ✪͈̀ ᗜ ✪͈́) ۶
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear Pixel - Drip..Drip by firstfear
You can call me Orion or Audra. I'm 24.
I'm usually laid back (but I dooo have a temper) and I like to talk to people, so leave a comment or send me a note if you wanna be my friend! I promise I'll get to it... eventually :,D

Please feel free to give me a watch, or at least check my work out if you can. Even give a critique or something! I want to know how I can improve even further!!!

Drawing is just one of my passions. I also enjoy sculpting, painting, making movies, watching movies, and taking long walks on the boardwalk.

I'm panromantic and grey-asexual! I am also nonbinary and use she/they pronouns.
I do NOT take requests.


Also, no need to thank me for the favorites~! :>

Buy Me a Coffee at

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Which world in Kingdom Hearts 1 would you rather live in? 

57 deviants said Halloween Town
22 deviants said Traverse Town
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12 deviants said Neverland
8 deviants said Hollow Bastion
6 deviants said Atlantica
4 deviants said Monstro
3 deviants said Agrabah
2 deviants said Deep Jungle


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