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The idea for this cosplay came to me about the time I started playing B2 tho I put it off for a almost a year D: . It might possibly my funnest to wear cosplay with whiskey flask to boot ovo 
more of this costume to come in the future for sure *U*
Borderlands 2 - Female Salvador
Costume made and modeled by: Its Raining Neon
Photo by: Cozpho Photography
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Jan 4, 2014, 4:15:34 PM
© 2014 - 2021 Its-Raining-Neon
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That´s spectacular. 
turbo-wooo-bots's avatar
this is a great genderbend cosplay idea. Is that your real hair?
jordwell's avatar
I love your gender bents... they are so original and fresh :P
Amazing gender alteration of the character. And extremly hot to. Kudos!
Calleahan's avatar
That NERF weaponry Joker Clap 
Hasthur's avatar
salvadora, i saw gearbox mentioned your cosplay on his twitter account
Draknell's avatar
thats freaking amazing!!!!
Its-Raining-Neon's avatar
toadking07's avatar
That is, too great! Incredible work and detail! Looks like fun too!
apiecalypse's avatar
This costume is frickin' amazing! It's super badass, and I love how you managed to make it look aged and torn, but not messy or cheap. I especially love your guns and bullet belts. What did you make all the bullets out of anyways?
neonmay's avatar
I love it so much >.< Salvador is one of my favourite characters ever, he's a total crazy sweet guy. The attention to detail is amazing, wow <3
KyanTheKrazy's avatar
You  look absolutely stunning <3
strange-a-dreamer's avatar
I remember that I saw you on a Cosplay video the genderbend turned out really nice ^^
J-Juller's avatar
This is lovely, your state of enjoyment is what I want to bring to my cosplay.
moonbaby17's avatar
You look great! :)
musicknoll's avatar
This has to be one of my favorite cosplays  Love , amazing job!!!  :happybounce:
MezzoKoA's avatar
Amazing gender swap cosplay great job!
Retard-Otter's avatar
This is Awesome :D Love them tomboyish Girls xDDD and you my dear just made a manly man into a tomboyish woman :DD love it <3
entitynp's avatar
this is so cool and sexy,,i'm confused in a good way 
JerryMc-Ghoulberry's avatar
At least its accurate! :)
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