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Halo 5 Guardians kelly 087

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I LOVE this shot Dave took at NYCC so much! ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ
My Halo 5 Kelly 087 is my 10th full suit of armor offically ( not counting projects that included armor work but wasnt a full head to toe ordeal) And the first thing i learned was mobility is most important, (which i learned the hard way since i couldnt bend my knees or sit down in my deamon hunter cosplay xD(my 1st suit ever (go big or go home). But I really took that to heart with this suit so in a little less than one whole month of non stop work i made sure everything was not only easy to move in but pretty comfortable. 
Personally I love that this shot because it really shows how much range i managed to achive for me in the suit to be able to jump like this multipule times to get this shot with no damage or struggle.٩(⚙ȏ⚙)۶
This was a dream project for me and there are some things i'll be adding over time like weapons, tweeking the suit to hold cold compresses in the neck and chest later, possibly a mini computer fan for my helmet cus it's a toaster oven in there, oh and figuring out how to get that " this clearly was made with resin smell" to chill out, but over all i have to say I am so proud of how all the hard work i put into this suit turned out , i hope you all enjoy it as much i do ಥuಥ♥.

Photography by : Dave Yang Photography
Cosplay made and modeled by Its Raining Neon
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Awesome portrayal of Kelly!  Your suit is crafted very well.  It actually looks like it could let you tank like a boss.  Plus, the expression and action pose you take enhance the strength of the armor.
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Someone ( or something ) is about to taste Spartan fist ! 
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That's such a great shot. And your armor looks amazing.
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Nice work, really nice work! But I hope the suit didn't break something on impact!
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Awesome! And you did one heck of a job on that armour!
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Who made your armor?  I want one of my own
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I'm trying to do a Fred 104 suit and I'd love to know how you did the knees and shins, I just can't seem to get it right
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ultimate badass!!
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Literally the greatest.
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