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Did someone say fish? I haven't been fed all day.~

Stealthy kitty broke a claw D:
costume make and modeled by (MUA): Its Raining Neon
photographer: Ron Gejon Photography
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*dies* You do Catwoman justice ^///^
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A very sexy shot; I particularly love your expression, which I can't think of a word for and is therefore what I expect cats would look like if they were human. Love
celaya4ever's avatar
You're gothically sexy! ;)
paws4thot's avatar
I've got some Yellowfin Tuna in my fridge at home! ;)

Ok, seriously, this is a brilliant shoot, partly because you manage to show off the costuming work and play the character well, and partly just because you had the sense to wear flats with some grip for climbing about that pipework!
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What's new pussy cat?
wizyakuza's avatar
i like your model
Its-Raining-Neon's avatar
thank you it's me XD
wizyakuza's avatar
realy its you y you are so preety?

..suscribe to my you tube channel lotz of speed paint tutorial there [link]
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Wow, you're terrific cosplayer, have you ever thought about doing Black Cat
Its-Raining-Neon's avatar
I actually have one made xD I just need to do a shoot of it >_o
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Great work. Nice shot.
focallength's avatar
You're welcome. You have beautiful eyes. :-)
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You never fail to amaze, such an adorable kitty.....
CuddlesSOAD's avatar
Nice work! How long did this costume take to make?
Its-Raining-Neon's avatar
this took about a week :]
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