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That was an Olan Rogers reference.

Hey guys, or whoever will actually see this. There are certain people I hope will see this.

I graduated high school now! Well, the grade had a graduation ceremony. I still have final exams October 16-30 (which is why I deleted Discord for the time being) and I technically don't graduate until November 10, where I sign some forms, then I'm officially "cleared". Then there's the Year 12 Formal (Prom for any Americans) on November 15. Suit's all sorted out, though, no major spending, since I got a nice-looking blazer and shirt already.

Anyway, I've been studying for my final exams, or at least I've been trying to. It's hard not to get distracted by my brother playing Fallout 4 and pointing out mistakes he's making, even though I don't play it myself. I've also been applying for universities and colleges (passed the phone interview for one college, I will check more), and been applying for Casual Christmas jobs at Mum's request.

So I've been very quiet here in terms of uploads. I have done an unhealthy amount of favouriting and sorting them out into collections. I do say unhealthy because it's been a bit of a problem.

On one hand, I've been rasing the expectations of my drawings behind the scenes after seeing all the art that I actually like and favourite, and personally I feel like I can't reach that expectation. This is something that's normal for me and it can be seen as good. Right now, though, I'm not. On the other hand, I don't have the heart to get remove really good pieces off my feed without favouriting them. That's just in terms of illustrations though.

That won't stop my progress on the next animation I have in the works. Well, 3 animations, to be precise. For the past month, and for the next few, I have been and I will be working on a 3-part miniseries on a certain story of mine. It's a bit of a personal and slightly serious one, especially the 3rd part. I've been blitzing with it for the past month, and while I'm studying I've been chipping at it, bit by bit. I'll have more time after I'm finished with exams. I'm giving myself deadlines for when I want to release these parts, which are:

Part 1 - December 26/27 (US/Australia) (Not specifying the significance of this date)
Part 2 - Early February/March (I'll be starting college on one of these months)
Part 3 - Early June (By this time, I'll be in college, but this is not the main reason why)

So keep an eye out for these videos on my YouTube, and I'll post them here:…

I've also been streaming on Picarto, mostly because liky Twitch and YouTube won't have me streaming songs by the pillows. After the exams I'll try to pick it up again, but keep an eye out here:

If you want to keep in touch with me, I deleted Discord until October 30 (29 in US), so you can keep in touch with me on Twitter (_ItsJoeTime_), and I'm also on Messenger (Ijt Arts). Not sure about what my FB link is, though.

Now I'm gonna finish off this journal with an 8-bit cover that I worked on in a day. It's a cover of "Comic Sonic" by the pillows, well-known for FLCL. I'll post the track art soon, but for now, look through here:…

See you whenever that may be!
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aww, thanks!
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