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is the person I stole this journal idea from. Man, it's like there's this long-lasting chain of thefts going on here.

Anyway, the rules are simple:
Comment on the journal if you want me to feature your artwork.
I sneak into your gallery and find four artworks I like.
I comment about them.
Then I'll kindly pass this journal onto you and you repeat steps 2 and 3 for my artworks.

Sound fair?

A bit of a note: I'm sorry if I start to talk about myself when I feature your art. It's hard to talk about artworks without using my own skills as a reference point.

Anyways, onto the featurings!




Chesle Reference by Chesle A Summer Window by Chesle
Okay, right off the bat, your character is damn great! So far, my idea of "costuming" and fashion's only one recognisable outfit per person, and the designs are fairly simple. Looking at this, however, you've got a grasp on the sorts of clothes one would wear depending on the time of year. 
Also, the background on the second picture. I don't think I'd be able to draw environments very well.

<da:thumb id="706447667"/>
Not necessarily the artwork, but the idea that you are doing a comic, that's awesome!
If your comic is gonna be a comedy, don't worry if it's not your strong point right now. Not an expert in narrative writing or comedy, so you don't need to try this, but you could try collecting and making jokes before you continue, and see if it can apply to your characters.

Online Friends! by Chesle
Again, it's not necessarily the artwork. It's nice trying to imagine what happens at the other end of the phone, based on each other's interests.
If I tried to do the same, well, I feel like I'm not close enough to many people online to imagine it. There are a few, though.

But overall, I like how you keep characters anatomically correct. It might sound a bit silly, but that's the real big one.
Chesle Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017
Thank you so much!
Your words really inspired me to do my best in drawing!
Hahaha, and it's true that I try to keep my anatomy on check for my drawings~
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October 3, 2017


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