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Blake Pierrot - OC City Life by Its-Joe-Time Blake Pierrot - OC City Life by Its-Joe-Time
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Blake Pierrot has become well-known as the star of a viral video where his school collapsed on him, alien warships crashed on the rubble, and the MiB bombed the site in an attempt to conceal the existence of aliens, yet Blake emerged out of the rubble. Though the anonymous uploader received millions of views from OCTube and hundreds of dollars from ad revenue, Blake himself was being offered thousands to appear in talk shows and news exclusives, generating enough money to fix the school and, after graduating, move out into Night Cove.

Seven years since that incident, Blake is getting the sensation that similar incidents will start to happen again. And again. And again...


This is based on the original Blake:
- Blake is a high school student that attends Justin Ormill High School.
- Contrary to the name, he often causes a chain of events that results in the destruction of the school (near-extinction-level sounded too extreme, now that I think about it).
- He somehow never gets injured, and though others do, no one dies.
- The next day, everyone is completely healed and the school is completely fixed.
- Often there would be an outsider who is shocked at this gaping continuity hole.
- Since it's been shown time and time again that Blake constantly gets hurt and comes out unscathed, outsiders generally attribute this occurrence to him.
- Blake is very aware of this and is very paranoid of it, which is why he doesn't like going to school.

Originally this was going to be my hand at an interactive game, hence the whole gaping continuity hole. But that didn't work out, and I lost interest in it.

But, now that this popped up, I'd like to use this as a way to fix up what "Justin Ormill High School" was missing, so it's sort of my testing ground.

Characters: Blake Pierrot
Creators: Its-Joe-Time (Me)
Artist: Me



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September 7, 2017
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