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Imagine if someone said this to Nightmare Moon.

Human protagonist from another universe: Why in the world would you do this!? You want the night to last forever so you can watch everyone around you die! THINK LUNA! You and Celestia are like gears in the machine. If either one of those gears falls out of line the whole thing breaks down! What I am trying to say is that equestria needs both the sun and the moon, without either one of them equestria will not survive. You are royalty and you are acting like a degenerate, selfish, butt hurt, power hungery, spoiled brat! You are suppose to be smart! Don't you know that your actions have consequences!? You are dumb as a box of ROCKS! Now that Celestia is gone, how are you going to deal with discord? How are you going to deal with tirek? How are you going to deal with King Sombra, How are your subjects going to grow their food? Didn't think of that huh? You REALLY dropped ball QUEEN OF SCREW UPS! Take a look Luna, take a good...hard...look. This is YOUR fault. You did this. Your subjects are suffering because of you. You have no one else to blame but yourself. You put yourself in this position. Are you happy yet? You fill that hole deep down inside of you? Or do you still need more? If your parents were here, they would be ashamed, disappointed and disgusted. You have dishonored yourself and dishonored your family. When are you going to pull your head out of the sand and realise that you done goofed!? Because of what you've done, equestria is going to crumble like there is no tomorrow. You are worse than Grogar. YEAH I SAID IT! How does it feel to have all of you evil deeds to comeback and bite you? One more thing before I go back to my universe, you better HOPE that Celestia is still capable of forgiving you, if not, well its your funeral. goodbye, see ya NEVER!

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Well that’s good,hopefully now they will start to work together

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Just found this delightful comic last night and I am hooked. I eagerly await the next chapter! Keep up the Amazing work gloomy!

By the by...I know this originated as an Ask-Pony blog, but it would be totally awesome if in the future one could get a physical copy of this comic. Just saying.

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lol have to Love Moony she is cute even if she was made out to be amonster at one point n.n

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genuine and benevolent smiles and laughter from from Queen Nightmare Moon. How cute! Also, I dont wanna tempt fate but... aww! I hope this happy feeling lasts forever! (Or at least for a bit longer)

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I the thing I love the most about this comic is how Nightmare Moon is shown to be more than An evil Side of Luna. And that She's More than some Evil entity. That she's a Person too. And doing this, makes me actually sympathize with her in some cases. And actually hope she changes her ways. There isn't a lot of fanfiction that does this, as far as I remember.
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That was cute, I'm just shocked at Nightmare smiling there. This will be interesting will she be able to salvage her kingdom with the help of nicer half, Luna.

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O my god! That nightmare smile and become shy😁

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luna bby ily <3

but i hope I’m not the only one who is mostly thinking abt how things are going to fare with Bright Eyes after Nightmare killed her friend ?

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(i Hope i got my facts right, i need to reread lol)

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Awww. This is really sweet.

It'll be hard making up for killing somebody....but hopefully they can get through it together. There are some that'll never trust them even if they hadn't done that. But I hope things will get better.

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