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Why oh why do people think that every character in the fiction world must have some sort of relationship? This is a crime mainly committed in fan-fiction of course, where every character has to either be paired with someone else from the series or the writer's shitty OC. I'll admit I've been guilty of this in the past but I quickly got over it. I mean really now, not all characters are even relatively interested in having a boyfriend/girlfriend or any of that and it can be quite obvious. I actually like having single characters because then I can focus on other parts of that character aside of their feelings for other people and shit (and trust me, I'm a sucker for writing love stories). My funnest characters are the ones who usually aren't preoccupied with all that love crap. So please, stop butchering movies/books/shows even further in fan fiction by throwing them into an unnecessary relationship.

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ikr , aromantics and asexuals exist

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MayandKirbyHobbyist General Artist

I can name two that embodies this.

What WOULDN'T Be Perfect?

I maybe a SonXAmy & Amourshipper,

But I've seen both Shipping Wars for these two.

Knowing who they are, They're not the kind to settle down to raise a Family.

They're Wanderers/Adventures/Heroes.

And Frankly...

PKMN V - All Hail to King Ash (NEW VERSION)
Play on Playa

It just ruins everyone's Character involve in it.

Both the Main Character & those who are shipped with them.

It makes the Main Character look like a Womanizer

And the Girls look like bimbos. All of them trying to kill each other just so they can be with there "Senpai"

But once they stop taking there stupid pills & realize that there "Senpai" was just playing with them like dolls, They'll turn on them for toying with there emotions.

Making the Main Character look like a jerk. That's what happened to Dipper in Gravity Falls episode "Roadside Attraction"


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gangsterjuleka2016Student Artist
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PadparadschaNephalemHobbyist Traditional Artist
A lot of my OCs don’t have love interests. Two of them are just best friends.
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As a shipper, I 1000% believe that Elsa should stay single.
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SachinAmateurArtistStudent General Artist
It's better that way.
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Here's a simple solution.
Make all of the main/minor characters in the work aromantic and asexual.
Not necessarily for representation or anything but mostly so you won't have to envision any possibility of them dating anyone.
Might make the tv directors,fanfic writers and shippers heads explode but eh, it won't kill them if there's no relationship in the work in the first place.
If they really had that much of a problem with it, they can just watch literally any other movie in existence.
They're all chock full of romance.
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GweCanfanHobbyist Traditional Artist
True that
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BluelynnyHobbyist General Artist
I agree, I mean really. I see too many people shipping characters that are probably aromantic or just wouldn't be interested in romance. I still have some of my characters dating but most of mine are still single. (Since when does a unemphatic monster need to have a sweetheart?)
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stoned-ocean-420Student Digital Artist
1. Oh hi, long time no see~

2. I agree so much hhhhhh
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x-Recolor-Splash-xStudent Artist
as an aromantic asexual, i agree so much with this stamp! NOT EVERYONE NEEDS A FRICKING LOVE INTEREST. 
it's so stupid, when i say "i think (insert character here) should stay single" everyone starts flaming me for voicing an opinion.
seriously, my favorite character in a series is being pressured by people in the fandom to have a BF. quite honestly, i think they'd fit better without having a relationship.
TL;DR: it's bullcrap if you think every character should be in love. 
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*ahem* supernatural fandom, we're looking at you
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Mirria1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:worship: Thank you.

(I do love Supernatural though, the show that is.)
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So true. You're lucky, I tried to get over it and I was almost successful...
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Cheeky-ScrubHobbyist General Artist
Using this. DEFINITELY using this. 

Bless your soul for making this.
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Fantasy-FashionistaHobbyist Digital Artist
This is very true. Even though I love shipping and romance a lot~ xD It can be overkill sometimes.
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zigaudreyHobbyist General Artist
This is the stamp I agree! Romance is the most cliché thing in fan-fiction, also, they don't know how to use it properly.
I never been in a relationship and I have a negative look on love. It is poisonnous and can be used as a weapon.

Also, the worst part is that they are subjective when they see both character interacted. "OH THIS IZ LUV!" "OH THEY ZHARE FEELINGZ!"
In your dream! Character cannot please you. And I hate they are focusing on romance and ruining good plot with romance.

Love is dirty. Eew.
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ihaveaninklingStudent General Artist
*inhales* iagreewiththissomuchthankyouformakingthis
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This is me with Kisame.
Kisame got too much love and pairings, why not make him stay alone and single for a minute? :/
#kisamehoshigaki #opinion
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Examples! Sonic the Hedgehog and Callie Briggs from Swat Kats.
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stoned-ocean-420Student Digital Artist
Like, the last time I checked, Sonic is 15 and Amy is like, 12??
(correct me if I’m wrong hhhh)
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SailorSeiyaDigiGemHobbyist General Artist
As a shipper, I prefer Discord being single. 
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OrkyDorkyHobbyist General Artist
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LadyTroodonHobbyist Writer
Even though I am a hopeless romantic, I wholeheartedly support this. 
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