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Beauty and Nudity

First submission in awhile.

Nudity isn't nasty, gross, unnatural, sinful, or something to be neglected or fearful of. The human body is beautiful in its most natural form and we should embrace it. Whether you are admiring your own body, the body of your lover, or just appreciating the artistic beauty of another person's nude state, just take a moment to recognize that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Admiring the human body doesn't have to be sexual or "dirty" and can be just as aesthetically pleasing as any work of art. I'm not saying that nudity should be over-exposed to all of society, but people should learn to appreciate it when they encounter it.

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i always do, the naked human body is the most beautiful thing in the world and should be appreciated more
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Yes indeed there is beauty in nudity. Just watch Disney's Fantasia 1940 to see why nudity is not gross.
Venus-Vixen's avatar
Using! This is too true and people need to realize it!
I love to look at my fellow topless women, and fantasize about sucking there nipples. It gets me so wet...
mikusingularity's avatar
Nudity is good, sex is bad?
ShadeWolfBuizel's avatar
Nudity IS beautiful! I hate how most people think blood and gore is cool, but they also think nudity is gross. Gore and violence is more disgusting than nudity.
FeminineTearsOfPain's avatar
I'm glad someone else gets it. We came into the world with nothing on, as we were originally intended by nature to be. There is nothing wrong with a nude form, after all it's just the human body.
IloveHersheysSoMuch's avatar
Nudity gets sexualized too much.
Ponyitalia12's avatar
I draw naked girls ( :squee: ) because I think girls are something absolutely beautiful - especially when they're naked. I can understand it when girls are ashamed of being naked... but I have to say, that everyone has his/her own way to look and somebody or something and everybody has his/her own to say wether something is beautiful... or not. In my oppinion, girls are very, very pretty. Their bodies are soft and curvy. Men are more edged and... yesh, harder. That doesn't mean they can't be beautiful! Well, "beauty" is a very elastic concept. What do you think?
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I appreciate the sentiment, I'd just be privileged to see anyone who actually sees nudity this way. :)
MakandCheeseWulfeh's avatar
Nudity is beautiful. It's not disgusting. I'm really interested in the human body. Thanks for making this stamp.
Hereenya's avatar
You make a valid point.
Though I don't look at nudity art all that much, and I try to avoid artwork containing nudity, it is true that nudity can be beautiful.
I think when looking at most artworks containing nudity, it's important to be respective to the model <.< It's got to take a lot of courage to be featured in a nudity photo/art piece.
Most people consider nudity to be porn with no excuses mainly because they either think it's socially inappropriate to post it, for others it's because they are either embarrassed about their own body or cannot admire certain nudity art pieces.

Nudity can be beautiful. After all humans are born nude, so it's not like it's un-natural to be nude.
Xx-Bunny-sama-xX's avatar
Nudity isn't gross at all. The human body is a wonderful thing to me~
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I agree with this, but in moderation, some people are just to shy or timid to do so and some people find it socially inappropriate.
Its-An-Inferno's avatar
Yeah I understand. So many are convinced that nudity is only connected to sexual matters when really it can mean so much more.
Cooldude104's avatar
Yeah. I just see it as everything in moderation, if everyone was nude all the time, it'd lose any meaning.
Its-An-Inferno's avatar
I agree with you on that. Nudity should never be over-exposed, but I'm saying if people were to visit certain art galleries or just think of it in regards to their personal lives and relationships.
Cooldude104's avatar
Ah yes that makes sense!
Its-An-Inferno's avatar
:) Thank you for commenting btw :D
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