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The lighting of this was done only by a golfcart's headlights. The only edit I did with this was turn it from color to black and white. It reminded me of a horror movie in the making... I like this.
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I think if you put on that animated old movie static effect, it alone would mess me up all night. I'd wait for hours for something to happen, and never give up. Spooktacular. Absolutely terrorific.
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The picture leaves that eerie feeling and that expectation for more but there's nothing... like walking through your house at night are you feel like a zombie should just tackle you or something but nothing happens.
why were you on my property?
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i was scared something would pop up xD NICE PIC !!!!
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can you photoshop in maybe a pair of red eyes? or maybe just 2 lil yellow dots would do it. Love it tho, you just need to add that extra lil fear factor of something watching you...
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Awesome pic! :D

featured on: [link]

if you want it taken down or anything, pls contact me through the blog

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Awe, thanks so much! :) I'm glad you enjoyed and featured it! <3
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Oh God, I keep waiting for the Blair Witch to jump out of this! Cool!
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this is great!!!!!!!!
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that is amazing. creeps the hell out of me.. thats y i hate woods, or area filled with woods. just gives me willies
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OMG I wuv your avatar!! It's very cute!! XD
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haha thanks you :)
dude its nice XD it just feels like home ^_^
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I like it. :]
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