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It really works!
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this was the best thing i've read all day
There was once a girl named Booty Butt, she comes into your room at night and secretly twerks in your face. If you do not send this to 420 people in the next minute, you will be twerked tonight. There are 3 people that got cursed.

1. There was a girl named Jessica Faggot, and she ignored this chainmail. She got twerked last night and now she is scarred.

2. There was a guy named Bob bitch, he only sent this too 100 people. Sad sad guy never listened.. He got twerked last night.

3. There was a guy named TENNY TENNESSEE DUMBASS. He only sent this to 419 people. If only he sent it to one more person..

He got cursed with the twerks.
Read this

It really works

cause your staring at it

noticing it

why are you reading this?

that's how it works.

1 Your reading the rules.
2 Your now realizing that this is a joke.
4 Your now realizing I skipped 3.
5 You now post a free internet sign and give it to me.
7 You now realize I just skipped 6.

MiNd= BlOwN :iconexplosionplz:

<) )╯ all the single ladies
./ \.

( •_•)
\( (> all the single ladies
./ \.

 (•_• )
    )  )
   /  /  all the single ladees
   \  \
    )  )
   /  / 
 \|  |>
  |  |
_/  \_
(•_• )
    )  )
   /  /  all the single ladders
   \  \
    )  )
   /  / 
 \|  |>
  |  |
_/  \_