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Pixel tennis

By iTop-edition
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I love tennis
In this piece i want to rapresent a cute tennis match... the most difficult part of the work was to animate this two damned cube. I hope you can Enjoy it 
UPDATE: i have found in this work a pair of mistakes and i've corrected them... now looks better

* UPDATE 1/08/2007 *
I'm back from my vacancy and.... i can't believe!!!! My work is in the first page of the most popular pixel arts of all time and in the 9Th position in the "scenes" just a position behind the work of Multivitamin (the first pixel art i've ever loved). I've to thank you for your great appreciation this is more than i've ever imaginated for this work

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Awesome and cute!
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Epic animation, I really like tennis and art so this is perfect for me!
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Nice work. You are welcome to join the pixel-metropolis collaboration project if you are interested.
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Nice. Giving new meaning to pong
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Omg the animation is so smooth
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Very smooth and nice animation, props to you!
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This is great! Exactly like old school pong!
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The legend said it never stop playing tennis
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Did you do the art for Sponge Blob Tennis for the GP2X?  dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/g…  great game...
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That's awesome. I'd played the game years ago, in fact it's still on my GP2X, and I saw this here completely by random and recognized it. Great art, great game. I miss the GP2X. This was never adapted to the Dingoo or GCW Zero, by any chance, was it?
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Nope, but the source code is there and it even runs in a web browser.
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This needs to be a game!
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It is, and you can play it in your browser too photosounder.com/michel_rouzic…
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WOW Such Pixel !
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It's very nice. I like the house also!
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Hey, good job!
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coooooooool. i have no idea how to make a gif like that
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Io seriamente l'ho fissata per 20 minuti per vedere se vinceva uno dei cosi..Ma poi ho capito che l'animazione si ripeteva.... e mi sono fatta un facepalm xD
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