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I have a Twitter by ItoeKobayashi I have a Twitter :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 6 5 Evening Glow - Bonus Color Me! by ItoeKobayashi Evening Glow - Bonus Color Me! :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 4 4 The Colors are here! by ItoeKobayashi The Colors are here! :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 3 3 Birby Feathers - Page 16 by ItoeKobayashi Birby Feathers - Page 16 :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 7 4 Monthly Drawings are BACK! by ItoeKobayashi Monthly Drawings are BACK! :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 5 0 Birby Feathers - Page 15 by ItoeKobayashi Birby Feathers - Page 15 :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 10 10 Birby Feathers - Page 14 by ItoeKobayashi Birby Feathers - Page 14 :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 10 12 Birby Feathers - Page 13 by ItoeKobayashi Birby Feathers - Page 13 :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 10 8 Paused Mid-Air by ItoeKobayashi Paused Mid-Air :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 13 4 Birby Feathers - Page 12 by ItoeKobayashi Birby Feathers - Page 12 :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 14 8 Itoe Doodle by ItoeKobayashi Itoe Doodle :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 9 0 Little Space-Cat Icon by ItoeKobayashi Little Space-Cat Icon :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 12 2 Dance it Out by ItoeKobayashi Dance it Out :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 11 2 WIP - Danny Sexbang - Sneak Peek by ItoeKobayashi WIP - Danny Sexbang - Sneak Peek :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 26 8 What Was That?! - Game Grumps Fan Art by ItoeKobayashi What Was That?! - Game Grumps Fan Art :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 22 2 Birby Feathers - Page 11 by ItoeKobayashi Birby Feathers - Page 11 :iconitoekobayashi:ItoeKobayashi 13 12


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Kylie W
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I am a professional freelance Illustrator with experience in Graphic Design.
My focus is on Children's Books. On Patreon, I do a comic series where the readers guide the main character.
I primarily do digital illustration, but have dabbled in just about every art form there is at least once.


It's weird, but it might be true! Which of these strange potential twists is keeping you up at night now that I've said it? :D
Sneaky Peaky at my actual Illustration job! Can't show you more than this until the book comes out! ;D…
When :iconvilecure: answered my tag, they invited me to answer the questions as well... so I thought, why not?

There's some Rules to this here game:
~You must post all the rules.
~Answer the 10 questions you have been asked.
~Then create 10 new questions for...
~10 people who you must LEGIT tag.

**Since I've already done this game and tagged people before, I'm just going to leave this as an open invitation to those who want to tell me more about themselves. :) **

1) Where do you want to travel and why (and lets pretend you are already with said friend(s) or lover (if you are not already) and you are traveling with them)?
Ever since I became a weeaboo back in High School, I've wanted to go to Japan. As I've grown and matured, my appreciation for Japan has shifted to a much more knowledgeable respect for the culture and interest in the history. It is still my dream to one day learn the language well enough to hold basic conversations and go there for a while. I would most likely not spend a lot of time in the cities, but instead visit the historical districts with their temples and what-not. The ideal trip would involve doing a live-in style visit with a nice family that would share their culture and serve as a guide to their favorite places... maybe they'd even teach me how to cook some of their favorite dishes!

2) What is your biggest pet peeve?
If I were to look inward, the thing that I do that bugs me the most is speaking without thinking. There have been many many times where I have looked back and asked myself "WHY did you say that? Where did that thought even come from? What POINT did that serve?!" While I am aware that it is a part of the "disability" that I have, I can't really accept that as an excuse so much as realize that means it's a struggle I'll always have. I strive to be patient and mindful... so when I fail at that, I get really annoyed with myself.
If I were to look outward, I'd say it's people who don't use turn signals. They make my blood pressure sky-rocket in an instant.

3) What motto do you go by to get through life?
As of late, the phrase I suspect I say most often is "it happens" as a reassurance both to myself and others that everything is alright and we shouldn't fret about things that go badly, because there are always bumps in the road, and the important thing is to move onward. I suspect this is directly tied to the increase in stress and pressure I've had this winter which often slowed me to a complete stop.

4) If you could live in the world of a particular video game, what world would it be and would you want to be one of that characters within that world or yourself with the traits of one of the characters?
These sort of questions always hang me up because I end up thinking about all the dangerous stuff that happens in the games and I'm like "No thanks, I'm good! People driving without turn signals is enough danger for my life!" But let's say for the sake of actually answering this question that it would be more like an extended vacation into another reality. In that case, I would have to go with a lesser-known Wii game called "Knights". I'd probably want to be a variation of myself that is similar to the character Knights, so that I could still be me but also enjoy the powers that come with being the character. I chose this game for two major reasons. The first and foremost one is that the character can fly with ease and skill, graceful and free. The second is that the setting takes place in the land of dreams, which is a concept I have always enjoyed.

5) When you were a kid, what dream job did you want or thought you wanted, and has that changed at all?
Ever since I was old enough to think about my future, I knew I wanted to do something in the realm of art. My parents have a picture of me from kindergarten with a painting of a star with a "smile", and I'm grinning proudly. I remember that painting, though I remember it looking WAY better than it does in the picture. XD
As I went through grade school, that desire refined into "I want to become an artist!" This equated to the idea that I would paint paintings and they would go on display somewhere. I suspect this is mostly because there wasn't a lot of information available for me about what that actually meant in my tiny little town in the middle of "cornfield and cows" nowhere. Near the end of High School, I got it in my weeaboo head that I would become a mangaka, but that came and went pretty quickly. Still, the idea of telling stories with drawings never stopped resonating with me.
As a college student, the world of professional illustration was finally opened to me. I realized that was my best chance at actually getting paid for art, and so I decided to pursue it along with a backing of Graphic Design for professional application with things like logos and ads.

6) What is your favorite piece of artwork (this includes text) you made and why?
:la:  CREATE Self Portrait by ItoeKobayashi This piece is mostly a vector drawing. Vectors are made out of a bunch of digital shapes that are rendered using a math equation of sorts rather than being tied directly to a "pixels per inch" canvas. This means the vector parts of this image could be scaled to the size of a skyscraper or a stamp and still be just as crisp and clear as you see them here. Vectors are fascinating but completely different to work with compared to more traditional art forms. While this was a very time-consuming project, I really enjoyed it, and it ended up being very intuitive to me, as I've always seen images as collections of shapes from an artistic standpoint. I have every intention of returning to vector art for another portrait some day, so keep your eyes peeled! :D 

7) Do you feel comfortable talking to me :iconvilecure: even if it may be on something negative you fear about bringing up to me? (if you do, I am very sorry to make you think that way and I would like to know why I made you feel like you cant. You're always welcome to pm me about it)
I feel like I could talk to you about just about anything, since you seem pretty open-minded, and share a similar desire for people to treat each other with respect.

8) What is something you can never get enough of? Whether it be people, things, food, ect.
Candy; my poor, poor teeth. And pizza; my poor, poor waistline. X,D Also back rubs and baths! PAMPER ME! X,,,D

9) If you could live in any era/theme but with todays laws, which one would it be? Example 1940s or steampunk even.
As uncomfortable as Victorian-era clothing is, I absolutely love the way it looks. I'm also a fan of warm metals like copper and bronze. I would visit a steampunk world for sure.

10) Do you think you are ever too hard on yourself and what is it about?
Only all the time and everything I do.
Okay that's a bit extreme, but I AM very frequently critical of myself for not having enough willpower. I am a procrastinator and I know there are days that go by where I could have done so much more if I just forced myself to do it. On the other hand, I know I feel that way about myself even on days where I've put in a darn good effort and just didn't get the results.
Mistakes I've made in the past haunt me on occasion, and once it hits me that way, it tends to stick around. I'll mull over mistake after mistake and bad decision after bad decision until I feel really really cruddy. It can be really hard to pull myself back out of it, but thankfully in time I do manage to.

Welp, THAT ended on a downer! Okay, lol, let's turn this around with some questions for whoever wants to answer them!

1) Favorite article of clothing?

2) Favorite flavor of ice cream? (If you don't like ice cream, maybe some other frozen delight?)

3) You're home! Pants or no pants?

4) Do you use a brush or a comb or both?

5) Name something you own(ed) that someone else made for you!

6) What's something you achieved as a kid that you still think fondly of today?

7) Go through your faves here on DA and post the thumb of an artwork that you think is really rockin'! (The thumb code is in the "Details" in the column to the right of the image.)

8) What song is stuck in your head right now? Feel free to link to it!

9) What meme or other oddity of pop culture cracks you up every time?

10) Now that you've answered all these questions, you can ask me one! Remember to tag me so that I know to answer it!


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