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Ur-Style (Meme(?))(Naruto-Ver.) by IToastedAToaster Ur-Style (Meme(?))(Naruto-Ver.) by IToastedAToaster…

I have not been posting in a while, so I made an animation to make up for it!
I know that there is no text in most of the video, but since I'm animating Frame-By-Frame, then it's really difficult.
I'm sorry if the timing is bad at some parts, it was really late at night and I was in a rush. So... the bad timing isn't THAT bad, right? ^^'
If you don't get what's going on then I'll explain:
Hidan found a six paths ball and chased after it. After catching all 9, he gained the power of the six paths. But then he had to decide what he wants: Jashin (immortality, ...) or Six Paths (More power, ...)?

Problems in the video:
In the circle there are 10 Six Path balls. = I know that. At first I didn't know how many there were and i guessed 10, but then I realized there were 9. I said "Screw it" and left it there.
Some of these frames are real derpy! = Like I said before: Late at night, in a rush, ect, ect. I was aslo so hyped to finish it, thats why I sped up my drawing pace (thats where the rush came in).
Why does he have stripes on his cheeks? Thats Naruto's thing! = I was reading about the Six Paths and it said that the stripes turn into a sign (don't know which one). So I made the sign on Hidan's ring on his cheeks.
Characters in the video: Hidan, Deidara, Kakuzu, Sasori, Tobi, Six Paths Mode Hidan

Original meme:… ,… , Both by KiteCuriosity
I couldn't find the Original Song, sorry!

Hidan, Deidara, Kakuzu, Sasori (C) Masashi Kishimoto
Six Paths Mode Hidan (Design) (C) ITAT
Art (C) ITAT

Hope you guys liked the video! Again, sorry for being so inactive!
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June 17, 2017
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