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Highlighter Adopts! by IToastedAToaster Highlighter Adopts! by IToastedAToaster
Highlighter Adopts are going to be a new adopt series I'm going to make.

What are Highlighters?

Highlighters, in this sence, are not pens.
Highlighters are a closed species of weird hybrid animals that don't have colors, just lines that glow.
They are not visible at day, thats why at day they go into trees (hybrids with wings), caves and other dark passages. They sleep there.
They are not suitable for pets.
Black Highlighters are physically not possible.
Highlighters have no blood.

-You cannot make them visible at day, that will be breaking their physics. They are kinda like glow in the dark markers. 
-You cannot make them into pets, they would run away.
-You cannot make them into pets and make them not run away, that will make no sense.
-You cannot color them in, that will look weird and they will not be Highlighters.
-You cannot change their colors/natures without my permission.
-You cannot make your own without my permission.
-You cannot change the natures personality because that will break their physics and nature.


Red tones: Nice Highlighters with alot of positivity and they're really outgoing. Red tones mostly go in groups. They hate Blue tones, but respect Green tones. They are mostly seen in forests to scare people and predators away.

Blue tones: Highlighters that have no respect for anyone and always go alone. They hate Red, Pink and Orange tones. They are mostly seen in caves to fool people like they are weird gems.

Green tones: These Highlighters hate everything and mostly go in groups. They hate every tone and they are seen in snowy places to make predators confused.

Yellow tones: Yellow tones have no emotion and mostly stay in caves, even at night. They are seen in bushes behing Blue tones. They hate Green tones and other Yellow tones and like Blue tones. They mostly are seen sneaking behind Blue tones because they take Blue tones like they are their idols.

Pink tones: Pink tones are tones that can fly even without wings and really insane. They go alone with other tones. They hate White tones, but like Purple tones.
They are mostly seen walking next to White tones or even flying over them to annoy them.

Purple tones: Nice Highlighters that respect everyone and they go in groups of 10. They are mostly seen in trees because they are hidden by leaves. In winter they hang out on branches.

Orange tones: Highlighters that always burn with rage, and touching them would hurt. They go alone. They are mostly seen on desserts at day, and by volcanoes at night. They hate Blue tones, but respect Red and White tones. If they were left out in the cold for 1 Hour, they would start melting. Whne hey melt, the Juice will turn into dust and scatter in the wind.

White tones: White Highlighters are random creatures that do anything to weird everything and everyone out. They go alone. They hate Pink tones and like Yellow tones. They are not special, they just try to look like they are.
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February 6, 2017
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