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Xerr's got a new coat

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Carrying on from… but I am a fussy swine and went back and adjusted a few things.

Render DS4/6

Garibaldi Hair for the fur.

Postwork; sharpened, Colour Saturation +20 and added some fog effects.

I am looking more at the fur than composition or posing.

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I love this model, and I have to say that the fur you have given it really takes it to the next level.  Great work!
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Thank you...had fun doing that, learn't that doing fur and hair takes a lot of time, shame I don't have the time to do more creatures and animals
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Xerrrrr :hug Llama Hug moomin-hug 
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arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr run away
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That fur looks great. It's unusual with 3D models as far as I know.
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The professional software have been able to do fur and hair for years but for us hobbyists we had to wait until some very clever folks to make plug-ins for our chosen software, For me that is Daz Studio and now we have two. It isn't easy to do but well worth the effort IMO.
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The first time people saw digital fur and hair on a greater scale was in Monsters Inc, on Sully the big green purple spotted furball (litterally in a "blooper" where his fur is set to somewhere beond fluffy).

DAZ uses "Look at my hair" if I remeber right. I've not had the courage to try hair yet since I've a problem with both pose and render it. Rendering "wigs" makes me think that it's not really worth it. On the other hand I've only got the basic Daz stuff so far.

I'm working on my own textures and have got so far that only a "pixelated shadow" on the eye white is a problem I do not know how to solve. It possibly is something with the smoothing. 
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I wasn't sure if you used Daz Studio. I opted for Garibaldi but I will get Look at My Hair as it can do more than hair and fur.

Pixelated Shadow sounds more like Render setting are high enough. Try increasing the Shadow Sample first. What are your render settings? Do you use the Daz Forums?
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very, er... cuddly :D
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It's incredible, a greatest work.
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Wow That is nice and keep up the good work.
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wonderful beasty and the fur is just perfect for it.
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Thank you FreyrStrongart
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Wow, that fur, ànd creature look so good...!!! The whole scene is great!! :nod:
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Fur looks good, just missing the splatters of blood from brekkie ... ;)
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Thanks Simon

Now would you believe that isn't brekkie but a piece of armour with Dark Corrosion Shaders… applied. But I saw that and though I would leave it and thought of a little blood work.

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Must be going blind, but bit of armour? ;)
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