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Sunset - Pony Potty Prevention

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You’d think the excess pee would just disappear along with her clothes, but you’d be wrong!
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will you ever come back?

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Yes, I will. It's been an odd time. Though I won't pretend that laziness wasn't at least a small part of it. But I'll come back, I've promised a few more art pieces to a few more people.

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yayy im glad you will. Dont worry, everyone gets it.

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And now that's all I'm gonna think about whenever one of them travels either way through the mirror. Cheers.
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Could we see more EQG like this or is this like a one-off for Sunset?
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One-off. The EQG designs ain't for me.
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& the castle is so large too. She may have to use that bottle real quick. She’s probably not going to make it otherwise
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Oh, she's in trouble.
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Yep, that meter is way past max. She has mere seconds, if that.
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Okay, sorry for this being a tad morbid, but that’s assuming it doesn’t just explode inside her.

Then again, it’s MLP, so that’s pretty unlikely in the first place. It’s still concerning, however...
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Pssh, nah, ponies are stretchy. She can't hold it in, but it's not going to hurt her at all. Pony desperation is good and safe! :iconsunsetplz: 
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That’s a relief... no pun intended.

Makes me wish I was a pony.
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