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Big Silly Butts - Business

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With the secrets of the “Big Butt” spell finally unlocked, and the mares of Equestria enamored by their expanded posteriors, some savvy business ponies have found ways of capitalizing on the “booty-mania.”

One such pony was Mr. Filthy Rich, owner and operator of Rich’s Barnyard Bargains, as well as it’s new sister company, Barnyard Booties, a butt-expansion service which has attracted mares from far and wide.

“The secret to our success lies in our innovative business model.” says Mr. Rich, “Backside reduction is absolutely free, which encourages mares to explore our larger, more expensive packages without fear of going too big… if such a thing is even possible!”

With the continued success of establishments like Barnyard Booties, and no end to the booty craze in sight, it seems that expanding bottoms is a great way of expanding your bottom line.

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I really do enjoy these. You rarely see stuff like this. I think you've got a good little series here. Though im tempted to see what happens when a mare goes overboard in butt size.
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Fantastic job I really enjoy all your art work. Keep up the good work. 
Ithinkitsdivine's avatar
Thank you. More stuff coming soon, I promise.
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Well take your time and have a wonderful day. 
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You know Filthy Rich will be really mad we he sees his daughter look like this.
Big Booty Diamond Tiara by DustyFreeman   
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yess, looks like equestria is going to be filled with butts in no time, infact it might be hard to even get around with all the booties in the way~
Ithinkitsdivine's avatar
Booty around every corner!
lemonswire's avatar
If only. They found a cloning spell~ flooding equestrian with more and more mares!
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