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Belly Based Bonding

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It seems like every day more and more students are having friendship problems that they need time together to sort out. At this rate, Twilight might need to hire a helper. Or maybe build a bigger office.

(Context for why her butt is so big)

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I'm not usually a fan of mass vore, but I love the way you edits these, fantastic job
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Thanks! I got some help with the belly bulges from my good friend BellsPurgeBells.
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Ouch... that looks painful.
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Your most welcome. 
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Why Did You Not Post Anything Since November Last Year?
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I took a small break, and then I did some more art for HodgePodgeDL's diaper flash games. He hasn't released any new updates yet. Then I did some more diaper art which I couldn't post here because of the guidelines.
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you work on scp stuf ffrom hodgepodge what kind artwork do you do?
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I do some of the cut-scene art. If it looks show accurate, it's mine. Check it out here, it's still a WIP but plenty of my art is already in.
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Princess Luna "Pfft! Amature..."

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Legend has it that if there was enough ponies in Equestria, Luna could eat them until she was as big as the moon itself.
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Legend also says that every star in her mane and tail is a pony she gobbled up.
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