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Keturah and Lord Death

a book by Martine Leavitt.


"...what was the sunshine if there were no night? Wasn't the sunset the sweetest time of day? Could I ask for only day and never dark? ...
What of riches and gold? What of lands and honors? But when I thought of these things there was a silence inside me- a hollowness. It fit ill, like the wrong ending to a good story....
Everyone was happy- old and young, rich and poor, male and female. But I could not touch their happiness, could not hold it. It was a dream and not real. What was real was the sense that in this life I had never quite been satisfied, had never long been at peace, had never loved or been fully loved as I longed to be. I could not name what was in me then, but I knew that the cure was not anywhere around me- not in Grandmother's and my friends' smiling faces, not in our shining little village, nor yet in any of the booths of the fair."

if that longing-for-more-ness isn't the description for part of the deepest core of my being, i don't know what is
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Love your ink works so much!
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OMFG I LOVE THIS BOOK! And the picture is perfect!!
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Hi! :aww: You have been FEATURED in my journal... INTERESTING – part 76 :iconcatsinloveplz:
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I really like you're style :D
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thank you so much :D
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Very welcome :) it makes me think of traditional stained glass, very nice :D
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I love this book and your illustration for it is incredible!
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beautiful detail. reminds me of that beauty in the beast one you did.
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and so it goes that we long for nothing but the perfect love that satisfies us...the love that is born within this existence and finds its completion in the next. The love that is ever giving, self-less and complete, without condition, a love that owes our very lives and the test of death to live in the eternal ecstasy of the after....that's what i'd say
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and i'd say that's true
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Your lines and details are always gorgeous! :blackrose:
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