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pinkie love everypoby of equestria but only the pony who want be love! is no easy make everyone happy and THIS love Pink pony love make other who are sad , Happy and this pony her Name is PINKAMENA DIANNA PIE but mose know as PINKIE PIE! her mother or father never call never Pinkie Pie but PINKAMENA DIANNA PIE! is her sister but who? Limestone Pie,Mauble Pie or Maud Pie? who of her sister start to call her Pinkie and i think is for day Pinkie got her Cutie Mark! and me i think is her sister Mauble Pie who call her like this! and Pinkamena start to love this nake name! this is reason mose pony dont know her born name but her parent but in born sertifica tell her born name! and pinkie were make a pinkie promese say some time - i will the best party ever or my namy is not PINKAMENA DIANNA PIE! and for her friends were heir her say her born name get bit comfuce but now every one her know mose AppleJack and Twilight well for twilight is were she look on the family tree she see real name of pinkie sure twilight got comfuse with help thedocument she all true! but here the big quiotion! what is the complet born name of all mane 6 and all the complet of the pie family?