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I just really love her lately.
She's super cute, stylish, and very fun!
I adore the song "settle down" so jthis piece is based around th styling of that video.

Hope you guys dig it.
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you have no idea how much i LOVE this!!!
omfg, so perf. amazing job ♥ !!!
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I don't understand how people like you can capture the likeness of someone in something that's so cute and cartoony. I try all the time and they're just derping in the drawing extremely. Kudos. :D
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I haven't heard much of Kimbra, but I really adore your drawing. The style's great, first of all and all the colours work so well together. I especially like the way you drew her legs and stockings, perfect shading! The whole firgure herself has got a really lovely shape to it and the white 'outline' so to speak really brings out space in the picture. Sorry for rambling, I justreally like it :)
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Haha, this is the best comment. You're souper sweet for seeing those things and I sincerely appreciate you stating so!
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Oh, I'm so glad! I worry that I just sound like I won't shut up. I\m glad it made you happy, though :)