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I finished this two days ago- right before my Aunt's party, but didn't get to upload it until now. :) It isn't as clean as Knight And Princess, but I still like it. I'm not good with horses, so I had to use a reference for a lot of this. Still like it though. c:

Yea, currently I'm doing better traditional art than digital. I was frustated at first, but it's okay. I haven't been able to do much computer art lately anyway except quick things that don't take over five hours. My life's too busy -which is bewildering and a bit annoying, by the way- to do much, so I just have little bursts of creativity that produce things like this. :) Now I'm working on another picture of a knight, but it's the father of the last one I drew.
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This is really good, the only thing that bothers me is how long the horse's back is compared to its neck.