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Culture Japan Season 01: How to create Itasha

Mirai Itasha - Journey to Anime Festival Asia: Malaysia (AFAMY) 2012

Malaysian Itasha Movement 1st Anniversary…
Yes, I know. I have been temporarily inactive at dA for like... ages, really. But now, I'm back. Oh, greetings by the way.

Oh well... it's been more than a year since I last logged in at dA. 😅
But hey, what to expect since I am absolutely busy with my college assignments and cosplay events. 😉

So, how do my fellow #Itasha fans doing? Hope all of you are doing well right now. ^_^

By the way, just in case if some of you are wondering about the disappearance of this group's Twitter account, I had permanently deleted it. I don't really spent too much time on that. But no worries on that as our Facebook page is still active although *whisper* it's been nearly a year or so since I last logged in.

Anyway, that's all for now. Happy #Itasha everybody.
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Date A Live BMW Z4 E89 GT3 Itasha by FAT8893
Kuroshitsuji Nissan GT-R R35 GT1 Itasha_02 by FAT8893
2013 IS Motorsport Porsche GT2 Itasha [Right] by FAT8893
2013 IS Motorsport Porsche GT2 Itasha [Front] by FAT8893
Perfect Dream Project by GermanIdolGod
An Itasha Car by cscentrl
An Itasha with Miku Hatsune by cscentrl
Miku Hatsune as an Itasha in Japan by cscentrl
Drawings and Illustrations
Peugeot 206 MTK Vision St. Gloriana Speed College by BFG-9KRC
St. Gloriana Speed College 206 MTK Vision by BFG-9KRC
Dodge Ram - Sumi sakurasawa by Om-Wan
Chevrolet Silverado - Chizuru mizuhara by Om-Wan
In-game Screenshots: GTR2
Attack On Titan Ferrari 458 GT3 Itasha by FAT8893
K-Project: HOMRA x SCEPTER4 Audi R8 LMS GT3 Itasha by FAT8893
FT Team Natsu Bentley Continental GT3 Itasha_01 by FAT8893
OreImo BMW 320si E90 WTCC Extreme Itasha_02 by FAT8893
In-game Screenshots: Forza Horizon
FH: Mirai Suenaga Ferrari by magixman
FH: Good Smile Racing Miku 2012 by magixman
FH: Hatsune Miku calendar January 2013 (yukata) by magixman
The world is mine by Clawinginmyclaw
In-game Screenshots: Forza Motorsport 4
FM4: Good Smile Racing Miku 2013 (Winter) by magixman
FM3 - HMT Mariel by smileybeat
FM3 - Mariel Honda Fit by smileybeat
FM3 - Kirino Kosaka by smileybeat
In-game Screenshots: Other Games
Out of Control Precision by MotorMouth212
Double Chino Itasha by griffith13
GTA 5 Dinka Blista Kanjo Customized by Soultaker4433
GTA 5 Dinka Blista Kanjo Customized (2) by Soultaker4433
Itasha-related Miscellaneous Files
Commissioned Artwork-Akane-Tsun by GBSartworks
Commissioned Artwork-Chizuru Mizuhara-Chill by GBSartworks
[Highschool DxD] Rossweisse -itasha side- by gainoob
[Highschool DxD] Rossweisse by gainoob




Welcome to a special home for otaku car freaks.

1. You can submit limitless number of any deviation captured or drawn by you. You can even submit any screenshots from any car simulation game from any console.

2. Since this is the first itasha group on dA, I will search for more itasha deviation to be featured in this group. So,... get ready with your deviation to be featured here! :D

3. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.



1. If your deviation was captured via a camera or from any electronic devices (on real world, of course), it was considered as 'Photographs'.

2. If your deviation was a screenshot captured from a car racing simulation game, it was considered as 'In-game Screenshots'. Right from GTR2 to Forza and even NFS, every game is welcomed here.

3. If your deviation was drawn or created traditionally or digitally, it was considered as 'Drawings and Illustrations'.

4. Any Itasha-related miscellaneous files to share? Just place it in the 'Itasha-related Miscellaneous Files' folder.



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