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If you'd like some fat catbois and other boystuff, follow my twitter @taquitoroyale

Here's my Patreon because I gotta shill it or I don't eat tomorrow


But here's some really outdated information if you're interested anyway:

FYI ITAOHS stands for Iwain Takes Advantage Of His Skills

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What's a good place I can store the patreon sketches on for easy web browser access instead of

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Thanks for liking my comment! ^^

Unpopular opinion: The way you do the legs and hands of your blobs are like...really good. I love how they just like stick out and have the fat slowly encumber them as they get bigger and bigger uvu
As if they are cradled by the gods themselves as the rest of the body gets bigger and bigger. I mean, that's probably just me and my foot fetish but like...
Your art that you do is like really fucking good in like every sense of the way though, don't get me wrong. But the way you do that one little thing that I mentioned in the beginning is like, one of my favorite things that you do.
I don't wanna be the guy that's just like "OH HEY IT'S FUCKING' FEET RAWR X3"

I-i just want to say that your art is amazing, and I'm proud of youuuu for going for this long while also making masterpieces all the while. U is amazing. *Singular clap* Good job.
It's a kind of odd and specific thing to praise in my art but hey, I'm glad people think it's a nice way to go about things.
I hope to keep putting in good work that merits people to feel the way you do about my stuff~
I mean, I could probably go on a whole tangent on the whole other stuff I like about your stuff. 
But I just chose the one thing because I had like... no idea on what else to do at the moment. Was like, sleepy, and just a bit high off of....happiness. No innuendo here. No sire. So I just choose the first thing that came to mind.
But you're totes welcome! :33 And you probably do! I dunno, maybe it's just me, but you never know! 
Or maybe I'm just really flippantly eccentric with how I do stuffsssss. Espec writing. 
Oh and I was also busy with just wanting to relax a bit so I just wrote something nice and simple.
But, if you ever wanted like...a whole like thing about your art, I would totes love to accomidate! But it'll probably have to be after when I'm done with this story I'm doing for Dullpoint ! And given that I have an obsession with making it the best "Christmas special" ever. It's like...20 pages in, 11 arial text. It's like...gonna be fucking long. And I hopes peoples likes it. Given the whole "lesbians coming together" thing is in the story. And how one of them wants to belly fuck the other! Aaaaandddd the other lover doesn't even know that the other person loves her! OvO Auughhh, it's gonna be the best love story ever!

Buuuut, I hopes you have a good today Mr. ITAOHS! And here's to the year of the rat! Best of luck to you!!!
I'm not one to read, so please don't do a whole thing about my art.
A bit tmi at the end there but thanks, have a good day as well.
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