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Un fantastico gruppo italiano! Un gruppo dove gli italiani possono comunicare nella loro lingua e capirsi meglio (si evitano fraintendimenti con l'inglese! ah!) Unitevi a noi e mandate le vostre incredibili deviations! Cosa? Avete problemi con le approvazioni delle vostre strabilianti creazioni? No problem! Qui tutto è istantaneamente approvato! ATTIVISSIMI!

Fatevi un regalo e unitevi a questo gruppo!
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Homo Sponsorensis: hominids bred for advertising, The homo sponsorensis is a hominid belonging to the same family of homo sapiens that came in very recent times. It was developed through artificial breeding with babies obtained through economic deals with adoption centers, under a project held by the world advertising industry in order to obtain human-like creatures specifically bred to appear in any kind of advertising campagins. AppearanceThe homo sponsorensis looks extremely similar to a typical human being, however two physical features differentiate it from homo sapiens.The first is an outstanding beauty: homo sponsorensis has been specifically bred by selecting only human beings whose look was judged to be universally good-looking. Body hair is virtually non-existent in this species, and so are baldness, wrinkles and brown eyes. Such selection has forced breeders to sacrifices certain features: a male homo sponsorensis’ virility is considerably smaller than a homo sapiens, however this has never been a problem due to sex being not advertisement-friendly. The second is a permanent paralysis on their cheeks that causes a permanent smile on their lips. Specimen were accurately selected in order to achieve this peculiar characteristic, highly desired by every advertisement agency, so that the homo sponsorensis that appear in commercials constantly look happy to our eyes. They can lower their lips’ angles down, but it requires them some considerable effort: the majority acquires such ability only after puberty. Traditionally, homo sponsorensis specimens had all a light skin. Only in recent times dark-colored specimens have been introduced in order to satisfy advertisers’ need to appeal to easy morality topics. First yearsHomo sponsorensis live in nuclear families, where a mating couple usually takes care of two to three children. Cubs are grown up in breeding grounds that are designed to resemble a typical American villa, in an artificial environment with a fake sun that is never replaced by rain. In place of breast milk, newborns are fed with milkshakes from the most recognizable fast food brands, until the age of six months, when the baby is ready to eat their first Fruity Loops. EducationEducation has been carefully planned in order to achieve the right mentality for this peculiar hominid species. It is essential not to mention topics such as sex, war, poverty, hunger and sadness: this way, even if a specimen feels one of these negative feelings, it will lack the necessary vocabulary to express it. History is straight ignored, since it would require talking about many taboo topics. Mathematics is categorically excluded, otherwise they may acquire the ability to distinguish a good deal from a bad one. In short, the main goal of the education of a homo sponsorensis is to prevent the development of an independent mind, in favor of a mind trained to worship any kind of brand. A 6 years old homo sponsorensis can list every single flavor of Coca-Cola sold in the world and remembers the dates of every single Amazon Prime Day in history. Cubs are also extensively taught the lives of brand heros like Colonel Sanders, Mr. Kellog and Steve Jobs. Even the tone of voice used by educators is carefully studied in order to be constantly happy and enthusiast, just like in commercials, so that cubs will never speak in any other tone. The most important part, however, is training them for appearing in commercials. Grammar lessons are based on advertisement language, with exercises and lectures based on commercial transcripts. Widespread is the teaching of music, with focus on happy tones (whistles and ukuleles are mandatory) and popular pop songs. It is natural to think that cubs are extensively taught acting: however, this is not necessary, since thanks to their natural characteristics and the education they’re given, they behave naturally once filmed for a commercial. The most talented cubs are given their first opportunities to appear in a commercial. They’re usually the children that appear on advertisements shown in the homo sapiens world. Adulthood A homo sponsorensis is considered an adult at 20 for males, 16 for females. This phase of their life is the most physically flourishing one, where their beauty reaches a status of perfection. A single adult homo sponsorensis will do an average of 2,4 commercials per day, with a daily schedule that can be summed up this way: 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of commercials, 2 hours of physical exercise aimed at maintaining their beauty, 2 of medical treatments with the same goal, 4 hours of leisure. Due to their natural beauty and the daily treatments, a homo sponsorensis continues doing commercials until 40 on average, with the most beautiful ones lasting until 45. Once the first signs of ageing show up, it is retired from being filmed and kept for breeding. In general, a male and a female of similar physical treats are crossed in order to keep their desirable traits into their offspring. DeathHomo sponsorensis specimens which have gone through rewilding have been estimated the same life expectancy of homo sapiens. However, in the breeding grounds owned by advertising agencies, their actual lifespan tends to be lower, due to agencies’ habit of bringing down those that are no more useful to their scopes, in order to save money from maintaining them. Females that reach menopause are instantly labelled for suppression, while males are kept alive for breeding until they remain in health. The same fate happens to any cub or adult that suffers from any kind of disability, since the goal of creating such species has always been to have a model of human-like creature that looks absolutely perfect according to modern society’s standards.Outside of such strategic suppressions, due to a diet based primarily on industrial, heavily sugared food, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes and other diseases linked to obesity (which strikes down many elder homo sponsorensis)are the most common cause of death in the species. Virtually very few homo sponsorensis manage to die for natural causes. The species’ futureHomo sponsorensis is a rare species even inside the advertising industry due to the high standard requirements of their breeding. The technology advancements in 3d models are making their usage in commercials more affordable than the care of homo sponsorensis, as one can cost over 250.000 US Dollars in maintenance during its whole lifetime. This brings up the problem of what to do with the remaining specimen once technology replaces them completely. Studies on their ecologic disposal are currently in plan and may be the preferred solution adopted by advertising agencies, although some have questioned the morality of it, proposing they should rather adapt in the homo sapiens society. This idea, however, would require them to discover a world where negative things exist: the psychological shock could potentially deadly, breeding experts say. For the moment, however, they will still appear in our television screens and pamphlets for a long time.
Cecilia Vicuna portrait by Berty0Berty
Mario Mieli portrait by Berty0Berty
Mesre Mite V2 by kiaxeven
// Upright XV // The Devil - Coma by kiaxeven
BNHA OC: Aoiko by matbenetti17
Boku no Hero Academia OC: Aoiko Ninkawa by matbenetti17
Gift - Fede the Metroid Dragon by DragonBellum92-DP
Freddy Krueger by Mirai-Gohan
.:GIFT:. Pirate! Elle and Ros by matbenetti17
Daisy Town: Abuela Carmen by matbenetti17
Fan Art
Power! by OcioProduction
Devilman by Orsorama
Sakura Kyoko by Nenril-Tf
Large Marge by CuteCArtsy
Abel SCP 076 and Tania by ItaliaNinjArtist
Terre emerse - Emerged lands by Berty0Berty
Milva by Berty0Berty
Mature Content
Hijab Beauty Mom Nice Body Pool Outdoor 7 by Speedy3196


Questo è il gruppo che fa per voi.

Siate i benvenuti e divertitevi!


:bulletgreen: Sempre le stesse del sito
:bulletred: Non usate un cattivo linguaggio (rispettate gli altri come rispettate voi stessi)
:bulletyellow: MAX 4 deviations al giorno.
:bulletblue: Commentate a volontà!
:bulletorange:Mandate le creazioni nella giusta cartella.
:bulletblack: Si accettano deviation con mature content (18+) ma si prega di mandarle nella giusta cartella.
:bulletpink: Se avete problemi rivolgetevi a me... ma anche per suggerimenti.

:bulletblack: Nella cartella Altro sono comprese tutte quelle categorie che non sono relative a nessun altra cartella, tra cui:
:bulletblack: Cosplay
:bulletblack: Frattali

Se qualcuno desidera essere menzionato per particolari motivi come un compleanno nel "Group Info" mandatemi una nota e sarete featurizzati!

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I nuovi arrivati riceveranno questo messaggio:
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Un caloroso grazie!""

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Kobra91194 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Siamo ancora attivi? 🤔
dodicesimadimensione Featured By Owner May 10, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Salve a tutti!
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SHAMANNANAART Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2021  Student Traditional Artist
Domanda forse stupida ma non so veramente dove vanno molti dei miei disegni...
Ho visto che esistono le cartelle tradizionale e fantasy, io disegno cartaceo ma il soggetto è spesso fantasy...Dove dovrei mettere i miei disegni?
SHAMANNANAART Featured By Owner Edited Mar 26, 2021  Student Traditional Artist
Copy the ocs of others.(read please)Ok, as you can see, I mainly draw on paper. And I'm not that good, so I'm slow, but I have a sketchbook full of ocs that I have declared mine on this site.The reason I don't put most of them here on Deviantart is because I have low self-esteem in the designs I create (and it hurts to see that the jobs you engage in are not very successful). Again D-Arrall tries to steal, or rather copy, my ocs ... but this time I have clear evidence of what she is doing, so please read and notice what I am pointing to.It is therefore easy to win when using digital, because in digital you can better modify a character that is not yours ... but you also need to know how to read between the lines.I have already reported the drawings to Deviantart for them it's not true that she stolen my character because they aren't exactly copied by mine.It all started when Toxink tried to steal my main oc, Nana,claiming the character as hers, saying she bought it for money . Then D-Arrall tried, and managed, to get me Frey (and I completely changed my character to avoid having more problems) ... to avoid a similar problem I started publishing the various characters close to Nana, first with sketches where I explained everything, then with real references ... you can see how after a few days / months she started copying me.My drawings :My reference published by me on December 1 2020 where I explain some characteristics of my characters.Astro ref. published by me on January 12 2021.Astro published by me on Feb 6 2021 where I put my vayron Morgan as his fursona.Hydra published on January 12 2021 where I put that Hydra is a dragon shapeshifter.Joyce published on January 12 2021.Ray published on January 12 2021.Dyoniso published on January 12 2021.D-Arrall drawings :Dyoniso published by her on March 19 2021. It is different from my character (if not for the cut / color of the eyes and hair) but it is still published after mine, if hers was called Dyoniso and instead of brown hair she had pink hair then I would have nothing to complain about ... but with what happened with Nana and Frey .. Screenshot 26/03/21Astro Morgan published by her on March 2 2021, to note: black hair, eyes that you do not understand well the color for the applied effect, and the name Astro & Morgan. Screenshot 26/03/21Dragon Rider / Dragon Rider 2 published by her 5 days ago. Here idk who she drew but you can see the similarity of some of my characters (Ray and Astro). Screenshot 26/03/21 Screenshot2 26/03/21 . Notice how I started to insert dragons and she magically also… especially the red and black one.Hitogami crew pubblished by her on March 14 2021. She just drew Joyce, who is dark skinned, has elf ears, hair and eyes (as well as the hair style) green like my Joyce, Hydra, who is red like mine (my Hidra has skin slightly darker), and Ray (blond like mine). Aside from joyce which is blatantly stolen the others are clearly copied from mine. Screenshot 26/03/21So yes, she keeps stealing and blatantly copying. Please report if you see these things.
Per favore, leggete e se potete datemi una mano <3

scusate per lo spam!!
LaNeuro Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ciao belle anime! Qualcuno per caso è su art fight quest'anno? :D 
elegirl Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Ehm chiedo scusa, ma ho messo un disegno nella galleria sbagliata Sweating a little... come faccio a rimuoverlo o a spostarlo?  
MartyRossArts Featured By Owner Edited Jul 17, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Dimmi pure qual è che lo sposto io! -scusami l'assenza tra poco vedrai il journal del gruppo- :D
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