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Chrono Crush Introduction page by Italy-PastaLove Chrono Crush Introduction page :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 0 0 Chrono Crush Cover by Italy-PastaLove Chrono Crush Cover :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 1 0 Fennden Halloween by Italy-PastaLove Fennden Halloween :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 4 0 Watch Out For the Green Werewolf by Italy-PastaLove Watch Out For the Green Werewolf :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 3 0 Angel Food Cake by Italy-PastaLove Angel Food Cake :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 6 7 Let`s Share a Pocky Stick Together by Italy-PastaLove Let`s Share a Pocky Stick Together :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 1 0 A wild Boston Lobster has appeared by Italy-PastaLove A wild Boston Lobster has appeared :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 7 0 Hiroshige by Italy-PastaLove Hiroshige :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 8 0 Oliver Dumont by Italy-PastaLove Oliver Dumont :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 2 3 The Cute Exorcist by Italy-PastaLove The Cute Exorcist :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 4 2 Eleze The Spoil by Italy-PastaLove Eleze The Spoil :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 4 0 NeoGeo Redraw Before and After by Italy-PastaLove NeoGeo Redraw Before and After :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 3 0 Patched Heart by Italy-PastaLove Patched Heart :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 2 0 Lilac The Maid by Italy-PastaLove Lilac The Maid :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 5 0 What Am I Suppose To Do With This? by Italy-PastaLove What Am I Suppose To Do With This? :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 4 17 Felix The Angel by Italy-PastaLove Felix The Angel :iconitaly-pastalove:Italy-PastaLove 5 0
Please check out my etsy shop. I sell clay charms, buttons, and things made out of perler beads…

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Pirate!UK x Reader The Bonds of Time...Pt 2
Chapter 2-The Curse of The Maiden
Arthur's POV
Arthur sat in the chair of the Lotus Bar. Welcome to Traders and Sailors of Western Culture. He winced as his chest snapped in pain.
It was working again. As if his body didn't have enough problems to deal with.
Another sharp jab came up to him again. He shook his head. The memories of the battles and pillages still going. His heart finally making his turn.
The burn. The Pain. The hate. The curse.
Arthur Kirkland was a cursed man. His ancestors, Pirates before him out of greed and lust killed men and woman heartlessly before the eye. His ancestors could never find love and compassion in their black hearts. Each passing day it happened to Arthur. A monster who couldn't control himself. A monster that would kill helpless people before the eye. Never to find the warmth of love.
Each day, The Pirates of Arthur's ancestors were visited by a fair maiden. She was angelic. Swore and begged for them to stop and find love.
But they didn't.
On the 13
:iconpandachick0508:PandaChick0508 48 15
Pirate!UK x Reader The Bonds of Time...Pt 1 cont.
Chapter 1-The Ship of Memories
It was ll so clear. So vivid as London explained it all to Mexico. You were brought back to that day. That day that changed you forever.
You worked by the docks that brisk day fishing and trapping in the Eastern Harbor of China. You had gone and done it.
You had runaway from home.
Your face was plastered on the wall along with the faces of numerous pirates. The Captain of The Santa Maria who pillaged along the East Coast since you could remember. The Notorious Pirates of Prussia and France. And last was a picture of the ship you've heard in so many stories by the fisherman.
The Black Rose.
You held your fishing net tight. You were gathering a meal for the Local Inn. The Paper Lotus. And in the middle of the plastered papers was again..your face. You could here the other traders who docked their ships in the harbor read it aloud.
"The Bounty for The Missing Princess of China." Read one with a shaggy beard poking his comrade.
"Oi, that Emperor must be
:iconpandachick0508:PandaChick0508 61 2
Pirate!England x Reader...The Bonds of Time Pt 1
Prolougue-The Girl with the Memory
"Oh why here. Why now. I thought I would never see him again!" You cried frantically slipping into the shadows of the walls.
They were all here. Spain. Prussia. France. And...him.
Even your brother was still giving him the evil eye. You put your hand to your face. "Oh Yao." You thought.
But why here? Why now? Wasn't he out of your life? Weren't you through with him? This was insane!
You glanced back at him once more. He and America were too busy poking France. You sighed. Slinking down into a sitting position.
They were all here. All here. You couldn't bare to look at them even. You looked out the window to watch the snow fall softly onto the ground.
Why though? Why here and now? The pain scorched you hard. Suddenly, your friend Mexico came by along with London. They sat next to you.
"Hey whats a matter ___________? You look pale." Mexico cried glancing from side to side. "Did somebody hurt you? Where is he I want to see him right now!!!"
London sighe
:iconpandachick0508:PandaChick0508 118 15
Dark Side 2P!AmericaXReader Part 2
Words did figure eight's across the old pages as blearly emerald green eyes tried to read them. Perhaps it wasn't healthy to be up this late, but Arther didn't really care; so far, each and every one of his spells have ended in failure. Which is why he was reading spell books, so he could hopefully get better.
 With a sigh, the blond slammed the large book shut, coughing when he was hit by the dust from the book. He placed it on top of the other books and stood up, smoothing out his clothes. It was getting pretty late, and he had a date with you tomorrow, so he needed to be awake and chipper- or, at least, as chipper as Arther could get.
 There was a sudden knock on the door, surprising the Brit. Who the bloody hell would be coming to his house at this hour? "Yo, Arther! It's Alfred, open up!"
 Raising his eyebrows, the Brit opened the door. Something hard- a fist?- slammed into his nose, the force sending Arther flying. He hit t
:iconmidnightshadows24:MidnightShadows24 152 25
Dark Side 2P!AmericaXReader Part 1
Everyone saw Alfred F. Jones as an idiot, though it was hard not to. Prancing around, smiling and shoving hamburgers down his throat as he yelled about god know what. Really, who wouldn't?
But what everyone didn't know was that Alfred had another side of him, a much darker side, which made sense; there's no way he could be such a powerful nation if he was a complete idiot.
The other side of him was his exact opposite; cunning, bloodthirsty, extremely unforgiving. It was that side of him that won bloody wars, that made him one of the strongest nations in the world.
However, he never let that side come out unless he absolutly had to; he was the hero, after all, and no hero used the power of a villian to get the job done. Sometimes, though, he couldn't help it; the rage and pain inside would become too much and he would snap, releasing his dark side. Which is why he always tried to be cheerfull and disgustingly happy, to protect the people around him.
But today was one of those days, when
:iconmidnightshadows24:MidnightShadows24 239 31
PrussiaxMaid!Reader: The Dream Cafe- Part One
(s/b)- shoe brand
(f/d)- favorite design
You walked down the quiet street on the summer morning, taking your early morning stroll throughout the pleasant neighborhood. Today was like any other day, boring and uneventful. Sure, you parents were rich and famous, but you wanted to make your own living. Despite all the adorable clothing you spent with their money, you were tired of mooching off of them. You looked down at what you were wearing: a (f/c) and (other f/c) mini skirt, a shirt with a (f/d) in the center, a fluffy, comfortable scarf, and your (f/c) (s/b) to finish the look. You smiled and sighed in relief at what you saw; you looked presentable to go out and go look for an interview.  
You stopped before a wooden bench and sat upon it, thinking about a job that might be available. Finally, you got to the point where you ended up calling your best friend for help. It seemed like hours as you waited for your buddy to pick the phone up. You were about
:iconmidoribani:MidoriBani 37 18
The meowing from the cats was loud. There had to be at least thirty cats there.
"Are you looking for a particular type of cat?"
"No. Not really..." You twirled a lock of hair around your finger. "Are there any kittens?"
"Yes!" Elizabeta clapped her hands. "Only one though, the other two where adopted." Nodding you followed her over to a cardboard box.
Inside was a smallish beige and white cat. It had the most vibrant purple eyes you had ever seen.
"This is Matthew. His father, Francis, is that one over there." You looked over at the fluffy white cat.
"Um I'll take him!" Reaching out you patted the kittens head. He blinked up at you.
Elizabeta grinned, "Good choice! Matthew's a bit shy, but he'll warm up to you!"
---------Time skip--------
It was a rather quiet ride home. You kept glancing at the kitten, He had fallen asleep after being put in the carrier. You smiled at the collar around his neck. Elizabeta had given it to you
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 1,312 497
B-S Round 3 Page 20 by Zerna B-S Round 3 Page 20 :iconzerna:Zerna 141 115 Duality Chapter 1 - Page 21 by Scypod Duality Chapter 1 - Page 21 :iconscypod:Scypod 58 22
Canada X Reader: Sick days
You coughed and winced slightly before snuggling deeper into the blankets and cushions of your sofa, pulling the blankets tighter around yourself just as you heard your phone ringing. You groaned and rolled over to stare at it on the coffee table for a few minutes before you picked it up and answered, not even bothering to check the caller ID.
Canada, or Matthew Williams as he was also known fumbled with his phone for a few moments as he worked on getting the nerve up to talk to you, you and he had been dating for almost a year and a half but he was still nervous around you from time to time, now was one of those times.
"Oh..Um...H-Hey _-__________... I-I just wanted to know if, i-if you might... If maybe you would, I mean I'm asking if y-"
Matthew was cut off by what sounded like a rather painful, and violent coughing fit from you, he had no idea that you were sick, you hadn't called him, that fact stung a little, you had insisted he call you whenever he was sick, so why d
:iconartisticallyliterate:ArtisticallyLiterate 316 236
Mature content
2P Canada. You Are Mine. :iconnadialodewijk:NadiaLodewijk 185 41
You Saved Me.... [ Italy x Reader ] 01
Italy x Reader
Chapter One: Meeting
Who'd have thought that one little event, one little run in with one person would change your life forever. Fate likes to mess around with our lives in a funny way…but it changes us, for better or for the worst. The outcome depends on you.
Rushing to class, the blood of your last opponent caked on your raw bleeding knuckles, sure you were a Yankee, and liked to skip class, but you made a promises to yourself that you would that you would graduate and go to college, and getting into class after the tardy bell rings….that's better than not going to class at all, not that you always go to class. Pushing through the sea of people, you almost reached your classroom when you ran into another body. Foreheads connecting in a sickening crack sent the two of you onto your butts.
Sending papers flying everywhere, you could hear a small voice asking for people to stop ste
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 40 30
Daddy!AmericaXMommy!Reader (request)
Alfred smiled and looked down at the little boy sleeping in his arms, rocking him gently in hopes of getting him back to sleep, humming a soft tune to him as he thought about the months he had missed.
Just a few weeks after you had given birth to little ________, Alfred had had to leave because of the ongoing war, and would have to be gone several months. You had been so strong, you hadn't cried, you had wanted to, but you hadn't, and he was so proud of you for it, and he was proud of you for holding it all together on your own, and staying strong for both him and the little guy.
Alfred had gotten back home just a few minutes ago, you had been sleeping when he came in, he had been about to kiss your forehead and wake you to tell you he was home but then he had heard soft whining sounds coming from the crib in the room you and he shared and had immediately gone over to pick up his son and start rocking him.
He had Alfred's wide blue eyes,
:iconartisticallyliterate:ArtisticallyLiterate 322 150
Bo Peep And Sheep by CGIgal Bo Peep And Sheep :iconcgigal:CGIgal 109 10
Romano x Reader- May I take your order?
It started out as an unusually calm day at the 'Vargas' brothers' Italian restaurant. The small business was run by the twins, Lovino and Feliciano Vargas. Both were waiters, while their grandfather cooked the orders.
Suddenly, a young lady about their age with [h/c] hair walked in, checking her phone as she waited at the podium to be seated. "How many?"
"Oh, just one. I'm waiting for someone."
"Okay. Right this way~!" Feliciano chirped in his usual cheerful manner as he led the guest to a table near the windows. She happily seated herself and proceeded to wait.
"Hey." Lovino stopped his brother as he was on the way back to the kitchen to fetch the girl a glass of water.
"What is it, Fratello?"
"What's her deal?" He nodded to the girl. He couldn't help but feel curious. She was quite attractive. And she was alone. Why was that?
"Oh, her? I think-a she's waiting for someone." Feliciano smiled and headed back over to her with the ice cold drink.
Lunch service continued on quietly, not qu
:iconshinkaishoujo:ShinkaiShoujo 373 76



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