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Vault Boy - Nuka Beer

By Italiener
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Many of you should know this little buddy. He's "actor" in the "PipBoy 3000" computer in Fallout. I love this retro style, so I created some special "Nuca Beer" advertising campaign.

Made in a few hours. First step: Vectorising image of the vault boy in Illustrator CS2. Second step: Other stuff in Photoshop.

Hope you like it!

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Suddendly, Nuka-Cola Dark
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Nice... though, I've been making Nuka Beer. I've been using Coca Cola, and brewing it up, and fermenting it just like beer, and once it's ready to be bottled, I back sweeten it, and bottle it in custom "Nuka Cola" bottles, where they finish, and self carbonate. It's quite yummy, indeed, though, I will admit the alcohol does kinda sneak up on you...
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I think a better title would be Vault MAN.
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I found this pic through google a while ago and it's been sitting on my computer collecting virtual dust. I recently starded painting and this was the first one I made. Now I stubled upon it again and found my way here. I didn't know at the time that it was a fan-made pic, and it was not my intention to steal it in any way. It still hangs on my studio wall, looking awesome. I have gotten a lot of offers from people wanting to buy it, but they have been turned down. It's 54 x 73 cm acryllic on canvas. I will upload a pic, if you don't mind, with proper credit of course. Love at first sight, great pic!
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you didnt make it [link]
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Wenn man keine Ahnung hat, einfach mal Fresse halten...
Go to the credits, you'll find me...
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it is a mod for fallout nv
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if i might ask--how did you get that awesome texture goin' on?
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Great Work .. :D ..
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this is great. Do you mind sharing what fonts you used?
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You made my day xD
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That looks awesome. Need some of these posters to look at
throughout the game.
Nice work :thumbsup:
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Maybe Nuka-Brew, Nuka-Brü or Nuka-Brau would sound better as a name?
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...and nuka whisky... (:
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Ah the hours spent trying to save the inhabitants of vault 13 and then the village...

I didn't really find the last one as good as the firsts two though... Call me old fashioned :) Something was missing. Not cynical enough, maybe :)
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you're a fallout fan too?

nice jo!
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That's so AWESOME! Lol... I could see something like this in the next Fallout instead of plain old beer.
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