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Tutorial Portrait Painting

By Italiener
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Hey DA friends!

Here's a little gift for all the comments and favs. It's a making of "Cherry Blossom Girl" / Tutorial for digital (portrait) painting (in Photoshop).
Maybe you find it helpful! :-)

- Brush settings
- Creating basic face shapes
- Painting realistic hair
- painting skin
- color settings for skin
- and more... :-)

It's a 12mb pdf file. Just click on "Download"


Cherry Blossom Girl Painting: [link]
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Many thanks! Fantastic workHeart 
ElleeChan's avatar
Thanks so much. Very helpful. Very easy to understand
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excellent tutorial.
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cool, because this tutorial I can make my own paintings.
thanks bro..
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I quoted your tutorial here: [link]

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do you use a tablet or mouse?
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It is almost impossible to draw/paint with a mouse. ;-) I'm using a Wacom Intuos 5.
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so you mean if I'm beginner I can never be a pro unless I use wacom intous I need to buy wacom for any digital painting ?
Italiener's avatar
You can be a pro with any tablet. It must not be a wacom! ;-)
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I cant be pro with mouse ?
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not really...a mouse doesnt give you the flexibility of pen pressure like the tablet. its like pressing down with a colour pencil really hard and colouring it all the way through like that.
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Thanks alot I should consider buying one i think
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thanks for the tutorial :w00t:
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tnx for you share sir! helps me a lot and i learn

Thank you very much for this tutorial. It is just great.

Have you ever thought about doing a speed painting of your work? It is quiet a lot of work but I think we would all (at least I would) appreciate to see your technic in practice. I hope it is not too daring from me to say something like that...

Anyway, thank you again for this tutorial.
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I'm painting very slow! So it would be called "The epic boring painting movie"! :-)
Do you know a good recording software for this issue?

Well, how long do you usually take? The problem of the length of the video won't be solved by the recording software. When doing speed painting, you use an editing software to speed up the video thus shortening it, or you can also segment it in shorter videos.

For the editing software, I think you have Windows Movie Maker or Imovie for Mac. Those softwares should be enought.

For the recording itself, I know:
-NCN software

Then, about speed painting, I don't really know the opinion of others but I don't mind "long" speed painting as long as the drawing process is nice.
People usually make it 3-5min speed painting but when it is too fast, I can't understand what is going on like for this video which is *70 speed... ([link])
But again, the speed and length will depend on the editing that you choose.

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You Sir saved me from the oblivion~! Thank you so much for the tutorial.
I just want to ask what kind of stroke did you do? Flicking or scribbling?
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Thank u very much this is beautiful!
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WOW, nice! Thanks for the great tutorial!
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