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Tomb Raider I - Lara Croft Remake

This want to be a sort of custom Tomb Raider 1 remake/unified reboot Lara.
Working with Shadow of the Tomb Raider face, i noticed a similarity with classic Lara that i didn't noticed before. I just made her lips a bit more big and I gave her a sharper look.

Obviously she has as optionals:
-Double handgun
-Double uzi
-Classic red sunglasses


I hope you like her and notice me if you use her, I'd love to see your works =P (Razz) 
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hi, your work is impressive! Can you please optimize this model? I want to use it for my project on the Unity engine

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hi and thanks, but what do you mean with "optimize"? Facial texture is in 4k, others in 2048 and the model has so many poly 😶

I mean to optimize the number of polygons to at least 150k. If you do this, I will be very grateful.

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Here you are , a 131k mesh, I hope it's ok.

I'm really interested to your project, please keep me informed ;p

thank you very much! I'm on TRF and on Twitter under the nickname BengRaider, you can contact me there if necessary.

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This is brilliant. Face looks amazing. I hope you do more with this model!

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Thank you, that's my plan ;p

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That would be amazing. I love your mods!

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The body has perfect proportions and the face is great, I love how detailed it is, thank you very much for share it!

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thanks, you're so kind ;p

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Absolutely fantastic. I really, really love the hair in combination with that face and the clothes. It all works so well together and I'd love playing with her looking like this! ^-^ Thank you for sharing it with us.

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thank you I apreciate it so much <3

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